Fashionable Korean Kids Dance with F-wheel Two Wheel Hoverboard

Glad to see those cute kid ride on the hoverboard provided by F-wheel again. Firstly famous big kid Justin Bier rode this board in party and made it famous for a long period. And now it becomes a symbol of fashion in Korea. Thousands of people south Korean people crowded in the supermarket to get a brand new hoverboard. The hoverboard rose in a short time and according to the occasion in Korea, it has never fallen so far. There are still a large quantity of people who haven’t tried it before and the market is still growing.


The kids dancing with the hoverboard: NCT Dream Chew Gum

A reporter in France did a interview to random 50 people in a busy street in Paris  and found out that almost third fifths people have never heard or used this new tool, which means there are still a large chance to find a large amount of customers in those areas. Even in the origin place, US, lot of people are still raving about it. People are still wishing to be Back to Future, why not make a time machine for them. After all, a kids’ dream can be just as simple as an hoverboard which can be impressive as a birthday gift for a life time.

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