dyu smart bike v1
DYU Smart Electric Bike D3+
DYU Smart Electric Bike S2
dyu smart bike v1 mobile
DYU Smart Electric Bike S2
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dyu smart electric bike v1

DYU Smart Bike V1

dyu smart electric bike d2+

DYU Smart Bike D2 +

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

DYU Smart Bike D3 +

dyu s2 smart electric bike

DYU Smart Bike S2

DYU L1/ DYU Egret Electric Bike

DYU Smart Bike L1

F-wheel Electric Bike A5

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DYU Smart Electric Bike/ E scooter/ Moped/ Pedelec from F-wheel

DYU electric bike is designed with trendy streamline dolphin shape, folding ebike body and 3 riding mode as electric, assist, manual, which is suitable for city 10 mile commuting exactly. People recognize its featured body shape on road without any asking. And this sturdy bike frame design and soft seat also provides the rider heaven-like comfortable riding experience.

What’s more, DYU ebikes are legal for riding on the road of most countries in the world including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam etc with proper motor power and speed.

Meanwhile, It’s awarded 3C, UL certificate first among hundred of ebike enterprises in China and owns thousands of designing and utility patents both in China and abroad.

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DYU folding electric bicycle prices are reasonable and its performance is outstanding compared to the same price level products, therefore, an ocean of positive reviews are tagged on the DYU smart bike. “I use this little moped to zip around campus from class to class and everywhere else nearby. I love carrying the little guy in with me so I don’t have to worry about thieves and such with its GPS inside. Plenty of power for most needs. Folds up and down quick and easy.” Said Smithson, a loyal DYU folding electric bicycle fan. James commented, “Thanks DYU for this perfect mini électric bike which can bring me where i néed in town. Best commuting tool factory and best dyu in my opinion.”

At the same time, most staff in DYU group ride DYU bike as the main commuting tool between office and home which proves the charm of this little bike again.

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DYU folding electric scooter bike is revolutionary both in price and performance, which makes it extremely successful on market in 2018 and 2019. Over 1000,000 were sold so far, over 200 wholesalers and agents are distributed all over the world in 2020. It’s the right time to contact us to become our agent because the DYU ebike market is proven and rising!

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