10 Great Tips toMaintain Your Smart Balance Scooter in Top Shape

Considerably less expensive than all the other means of transportation, Scooters are a wonderful and an extremely comfortable way of transportation. With scooters, you have the opportunity to travel freely around the city without being bound to the schedules of trains and metros. However, with this great opportunity comes great responsibility of maintaining the scooter. There are several systems that need to run smoothly in order for your scooter to operate properly, such as fuel and brake systems, transmissions, ignitions. Apart from periodic maintenance, it is important to replace those parts that require it such as any fluids, filters or pads so that your balanced board runs smoothly, without any damage.


1) In order to enjoy a long lifespan of your balanced scooter, it is important to fully charge the battery before riding your newly-bought scooter. Secondly, do not charge the battery at high temperatures and do not over-charge or dis-charge the battery because it could lead to a reduced lifespan of the battery.

2) A regular check of your scooter’s tyres is important, you can do that yourself by shaking the tyre in the direction of the wheel shaft. Apart from that, screw of the tyres need to be checked and tightened because only then the electric scooter can run fast and free.

3) The uneven attrition rate of the tyre or air leakage from the tyre needs to be looked at, for which contacting a Segway scooter repair shop should be considered.

4) Another maintenance tip could be to use a soft cloth for cleaning the surface of the hover board and remember not to use high-pressure cleaning system, steam system, high pressure water or air for cleaning. In case you used any of these which has led to a damage to your hover board, you can get in touch with a hover board repairer to fix your problems.

5) Battery plugs of your balanced board should be checked every few months to avoid damage.

6) Surveying and tightening of screws, nuts, and bolts are essential to ensure a long lifespan of your balanced scooter.

7) The air filter of your scooter should be cleaned or replaced every 6 months so that your scooter can start easily and fuel mileage is reduced.

8) The engine oil and filter oil of your balanced scooter need to be changed upon covering every 2000 miles of distance.

9) Being good to your carburetor is an important tip to ensure a long lifespan of your balanced scooter, all you need to do is add a carburetor cleaner every few tankfuls of fuel and you’re good to go.

10) In case, you don’t plan on using your scooter for a long period of time such as during winters or if you’re going on a long vacation then it is better to add a fuel stabilizer to keep the jets of your scooter, from clogging.

Servicing of your balanced scooter every 6 months is the most important tip to keep your scooter in top shape. If you’re living in USA, you can get in touch with “Repair Scooter of F-wheel” to get your balance board repaired within a day. Repair Scooter is a scooter repairer based in London, they offer repairing services all over USA. The best part about them is that they get your scooter picked up from any location within USA and get it repaired within the same day. To get to know more about them, visit this website regularly for Segway scooter/hover board repairing services in China and USA.

We can fix any issues on your scooter board, either
* Broken Frames
* Permanent LED Lights on the wheels
* Broken Wires
* Electrical Faults
* Batteries
* Wheels
* Bluetooth
* Circuit Boards
* Re-casing Of The Plastic Body
* Service
* Recondition
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