10 Mind Numbing Facts About iCarbot

icarbot swagtron-hoverboard-amazon-1

Number 1: iCarbot is not a hoverboard.

But it works like hoverboard or self balancing scooter. Easier to handle with. Lean to go. Controled by human body weight.


icarbot swagtron-hoverboard-amazon-1

Here is the right place to get the hoverboard.


Number 2: iCarbot is lighter than Hoverboard.

It weighs only 5.5 Kg . Compared to the weight of most hoverboard 13 kg. Easy to carry on with or put it in your Benz of BMW car.


Number 3: iCarbot battery is switchable.

battery take out detachable

You can take out the used up battery out and replace it with a new one full of electricity in few seconds.

Number 4: iCarbot has an app.

This app allow you to control the board and move freely to any direction. You can your items or packages on it and move freely. It becomes your package carrier. Frees your hand.

Download APP

Number 5: iCarbot is easy to learn.

Its have 4 wheels, so you will not encounter below occasions while learning. Elegant to maintain the ladies and gentle men style.

Number 6: iCarbot has a backpack to be put in.

icarbot 23 backpack

When you wish to put it up, here is the stylish bag.


Number 7: iCarbot has a original design with patent.

No other company in the world produce or manufacturer it anymore.


Number 8: iCarbot has a similar price as hoverboard.

The price is affordable and cost effective. It’s a good replacement to hoverboard. Time to upgrade the 2 wheel scooter to 4 wheels.  Compare to walkcar, it also has an overwhelming advantage.

Number 9: iCarbot is in lines with CE and other Certificates like RoHS, FCC, EMC and so on.

certificate,f-wheel.electric unicycle,self balancing scooter,one wheel scooter

This little owns various of certificates, product quality is ensured and recorgnized by many autoritive parties.


Number 10: iCarbot is safe.

The battery is not made by Samsung or low quality used old battery, ensuring yourself and house safety.  Zero explosion or fire experience since it was cast into the market.

safe hoverboard icarbot

To see more details or contact F-wheel for more information, please the link to send an enquiry:



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