100 People Are Riding DYU Electric Bike in Shenyang Now – Fourth Station

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Amazing moments are happening in the beautiful city, Shenyang. Over 100 people are riding DYU electric bike weaving through the noisy streets in a group. This is the fourth station of global riding activity after Xi’an, Singapore and Shi Jian Zhuang.

After breakfast, the group leader, DYU manager, Christina, sets off and leads the team through the busiest area in the city.

The New Standard Green Riding Festival has never calmed down and goes crazier and crazier. Overwhelming volunteer riders ask for joining but 100 people group number limit has been set already in case of causing traffic jams. So many people left with disappointment. Luckily, Christina promises to hold the second riding activity in the city to enroll the unlisted volunteer riders soon.

In the southern, England customer comes visiting F-wheel office in Shenzhen at the same time.

This lightweight tiny bike is recognized by one of F-wheel’s strongest friend and won the praise.

The factory manager is more than happy introducing this bike to their precious friend.

The riding experience seems good according to the emotion.

So light that feeling like to throw it away in the lifting.

Another piece of new collaboration news from Japan

The second high-end electronic board design for F-wheel’s Japan customer, an enterprise in the world top 500 company list, has been finished. 2 Japan doctors inspected the design and marked the design with A+ grade, much better than expected. “The technique in F-wheel has never stopped innovating, this is why the customers from developed countries choose us. ” F-wheel CEO, Liwei denoted.

DYU Smart Bike D2

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