1500 Dollar Award is Waiting for You: Design Your Own Dream Ebike


F-wheel is holding a campaign for DYU bike fans and industrial designer from 26th October to 30th November: 1500 Dollar Award for the best ebike designers!

Whopping market growth occurs in last few month, both DYU smart bike D1 and DYU smart bike D2 get popular in Europe and America, amazing and personal needs of all kinds of new ebikes are emerging.  You have the idea, you’re the king; you share the idea, you win dollars.

1500 Dollar Award is Waiting for You: Design Your Own Dream Ebike

Once your idea or design is functional, innovative in structures or accessories, chosen and applied in the design by the DYU top designers, you win the prize immediately.

win prize design

Participants who haven’t won the prize will also win great discount coupon code. What are you waiting for? Join and win your prize home today.

Design Scope:

1.  Smart city short trip tools, electronic commuting tools;

2.  Concise & fashionable appearance.


  1. Text or pictures;
  2. Description of the innovation points.

Contact us:

Email us at [email protected] or leave a message below.

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The fun moment today:

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