2019 Ebike Trends: Ebike Growth is Leaping Over the Years According to Google Trends

ebike trend

According to google trends, ebike needs in Market is growing year after year and there will be a new historical peak for ebike in 2019.

This industry has a bright future especially for the lightweight legal small watts and slow speed ebikes like DYU. The ebike industry is like rising star now and make sure you catch the chance in doing business and making more money with the promising product with a bright future.

Why electric bike thrive over the years?

  1. The battery industry technology is improving and innovating all the time and now they are able to produce much cheaper and smaller batteries with higher electricity volume and higher safety. When the new batteries are applied in the ebike, the power problem is resolved. A 10Ah battery provides a 30-mile mileage with a full charge for an ebike when most commuting need in city is below 10 miles.
  2. Crowded city traffic, city pollution and all kinds of city problems caused by cars.
  3.  Need for a healthier lifestyle. Ebikes are usually with pedals now for obeying the law of most countries in the world like UK, France, Germany, Italy etc. People pedal to do morning and afternoon exercises while riding the efficient electric commuting tool straight to office.
  4. The distance between office and home isshort. Riding a car cost more time & money than ebike.