2019 New Year Greetings from DYU Smart Bike Team to DYU Fans

New Year Greetings from DYU Smart Bike Team to DYU Fans

On this special and meaningful day, 100,000 DYU fans around the world have accompanied DYU team with brilliance and glory support in the course of the DYU strategic layout of the market in 2018 when DYU team look back. On the glorious road, with your company and support, DYU is deeply touched, and sincerely wish every DYU customers and fans in the world a happy New Year!


Looking back on DYU smart bike’s 2018 – insisting on innovation, strengthening product research and development, maintaining the spirit of striving for strength and never-ending progress, pushing the company’s development strategy to a new stage, its market performance grows from one brilliant to another brilliant, the volume of domestic and export trade has been rising, and the global dealers and DYU fans team have been growing.


2018 is an extraordinary year to DYU & F-wheel.


In 2018, DYU held the first Forum on the Development of Intelligent Micro-electric Vehicles in Shenzhen, taking on the driving role of industry development; in 2018, DYU went all the way to participate in global industry exhibitions: Hong Kong Global Resources Electronics Exhibition in Spring and Autumn, Tianjin North International Electric Vehicle Exhibition, Chengdu Volkswagen Innovation Weekly Exhibition, Zhengzhou New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition, Nanjing National Exhibition International Electric Vehicle Exhibition, ASEAN Country Exposition and so on, keep pace with well-known brands in the industry, communicate face-to-face with DYU fans, and reach a consensus with the participating franchisees. DYUer is busy all over the world, gathering strength and strengthening their confidence.


In 2018, the video of DYU on Youtube was watched nearly 8 million times by the people of the whole world. “IP marketing” has also become a new marketing model of DYU and a new consumption trend of the public. Facing the trend of the young consumers becoming more and more fashionable, DYU has attracted social media fans with fashion, intelligence, good look and lifestyle. DYU not only gives DYU fans a good trip but also becomes a happy companion in commuting.


In 2018, DYU set up an operation center in Singapore, and used it as a springboard to expand the international road of DYU. With the help of the policy of national belt and the accumulation of 40 years of reform and opening up, DYU exported excellent Chinese Smart Products to overseas and adds brick and tile for the development of its motherland.


In 2018, DYU launched green cycling activities in 100 cities around the world. It has been held in 15 cities such as Beijing, Singapore, Korea, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Guilin, Nanning, Xiamen and Foshan. This series of activities DYU fans not only creates the joy of cycling, but also more importantly, promotes personally practice in green travel, demonstrating a modern and environmentally friendly attitude towards life.


In 2018, DYU was the first to pass the national 3C certification. Obtaining the certification and approval of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, not only shows the strength of DYU team in quality controlling, but also give the market a strong signal of ebike spring. With the national certification and the support of dealers and consumers, DYU has completed a new milestone in the journey of the new national standard.


In 2018, F-wheel & DYU created a new miracle in the industry and was recognized by the society. Its founder and CEO, Li Wei, won the Forbes China Top 30 under 30 in 2018 and Hurun Top 30 under 30 in 2018. This is not only a personal honor, but also the honor of all DYU team. Yougn DYU team has become the tide of the times.


It is said that 2018 is the winter of entrepreneurs, the capital environment is bad, Sino-US trade war was on. But in this winter DYU is still upstream, against the trend of down growth. This is a DYU outbreak year, from 0 to 100,000 users, verifying the market, completed the transformation, entered a new ladder. As a simple entrepreneur and a start-up company, all its efforts are treated kindly. Although the road is dangerous, the road is long and obstructive, DYU team will keep on this road long.


Walking through 2018, fortunately, 100,000 DYU fans, distributors, upstream supply chains and DYU smart bike grow together.


DYU smart bike grows with 100,000 fans worldwide: it would be a long journey. In 2019, every DYUer will do his duty and do his best to make good products and services for its beloved users.


Once again, DYU wish you 100,000 DYU fans, dealers all over the world, a happy New Year! In 2019, with you, DYU team will work harder.

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