2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Visits DYU Company

2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Enters DYU Company

Qidian Lithium Battery Big Data starts the 2020 China lightweight electric bike and shared battery exchange research and visit activities. On the morning of August 10th, Qidian research group walked into DYU company and exchanged ideas with the company’s CEO Leven Li and other relevant persons in charge on the company’s development and industry trends.
Products focus on simplicity and light weight

As an R&D and operator of smart lightweight electric bike and self-balancing somatosensory vehicles, DYU Smart Bike focuses on the R&D and production of smart, stylish, and portable short-distance travel tools to solve the short-distance travel problem of 5-10 kilometers young people in the city; DYU provides technical solutions for scenic spots, shopping malls, factories, etc.
2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Enters DYU Company

In the face of fierce China industry competition in China, DYU, as a young company, has transformed from 2016 and 2017 to lithium battery folding electric bike, and has embarked on a path of differentiation.

Judging from the released smart micro-electric bikes D1 and D2 and the N1 under development, DYU is positioned as a stylish, simple and generous design for young people. It focuses on appearance and sense of technology, and is easily folded with IoT smart technology. The overall weight is controlled within 20 kg.

Among them, D1 crowdfunding in 40 days, it has obtained 12 million yuan sales, breaking the highest sales record of Alibaba Taobao electric bike crowdfunding category.

When talking about the development in the China market, Mr. Li also talked about the company’s goals, hoping to continue to focus on the new national standard portable electric bicycles, with sales hitting 400,000 units and occupying more market shares.

Hot overseas markets

Prior to this, at the 2020 Lithium Electric Bicycle Conference hosted by Qidian Lithium Big Data, Mr. Li gave a detailed presentation on the topic of overseas market development trends. This time, President Li once again introduced the company’s overseas development status and plans.

2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Enters DYU Company

At present, DYU’s footprints are all over the world, successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions, DYU enthusiasts organized green cycling in more than 24 cities and large-scale events involving millions of people.

This year, under the influence of the epidemic, the entire new energy industry has been greatly affected, but for electric bicycles, it is good news. As the first company to obtain UL certification for mini lithium electric vehicles, Mr. Li shared, “After the epidemic, most EU countries have subsidies for the purchase of electric bicycles. A subsidy is about 300 euros. This is very important for the entire industry. It is very positive. At present, electric bicycles are very out of stock throughout Europe and the United States. As long as they are in stock, they can basically be sold. Our own orders are scheduled for the next few months, and the supply in the upstream link is very tight.”
2020 China Lightweight Ebike Research Group Enters DYU Company

In addition, when talking about development plans in global markets, Mr. Li expressed his hope that DYU continues to enrich its product range in the next two to three years, and achieve the annual sales target of 400,000 vehicles as soon as possible, and achieve the first position in the field of global benchmarks.

As the slogan on the wall of the DYU Company says, “Everything has a report, everything has an result, and everything has a review.” DYU is both a young brand and a reliable company. In the future, electric two-wheelers In the market, Qidian lithium battery big data believes that DYU will go further.

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