3 parts of DYU electric bike that need regular inspection

dyu electric bike

Electric bicycles like DYU have become one of our main daily transportation tools. In order to ensure travel safety, regular inspections are necessary. Which 3 parts of electric bikes do we need to inspect regularly?

1. Brake

The importance of brakes is self-evident. Checking the brakes can be carried out in the following steps: pinch, loosen, and turn.

First, pinch. Hold the handlebar with both hands, brake left and right, push and pull the electric bike front and rear at the same time, and the wheels will not rotate when the brakes are normal.

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The second step is to loosen it. When the handle is released, the brake system that operates normally will quickly reset. Finally, take a turn. Rotate the speed control handle, the motor will brake after running. Normally, the motor can be powered off immediately.

2. Tires

Check whether the tire pressure is normal. The operation is very simple. Rider sits on it. If the tire is obviously flat, it means that the tire is out of air.
Tires dyu
Next, check the wear and aging of the tires. If you find that the tire tread depth is significantly shallower, the tire tread has cracks and bulges, or the tire is aging, such as hardened tread or cracks, you need to replace the tire in time.

3. Lights and horn

The inspection of lights and horns is very simple: turn on the bike lights to see if the lighting is normal; press the horn to hear if the sound is loud. Especially when you go out at night, these two items must not be forgotten.
Lights and horn
In addition to the basic regular inspections above, DYU riders also need to remember to wear a helmet when riding an electric bike for our travel safety.


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