3 Reasons Why DYU Smart Bike D3 is More Expensive than DYU Smart Bike D2

difference between dyu smart bike d3 &dyu smart bike d2

1. DYU Smart Bike D3 has a longer mileage than DYU Smart Bike D2

DYU Smart Bike D3 has a max 50km mileage when DYU Smart Bike D2 has a 20km mileage in pure electric mode ( 45km in moped mode ).  DYU D3 runs a longer distance because it has a 10.4Ah Li-ion battery compared to the 5.2Ah battery of DYU D2. DYU smart bike D3 is able to run as long as 80km in a smooth road condition.


2. DYU Smart Bike D3 tire is bigger than DYU Smart Bike D2

DYU D3 tire size is 14 inch while DYU D2 is 12 inch. Bigger size ebike wheel has a better ground grabbing ability and a stable riding experience in poor road conditions. Meanwhile, the bumper is reduced greatly by the bigger tire. Therefore, it will be more comfortable when riding D3.

3. DYU Smart Bike D3 has a FOC vector controller when DYU Smart Bike doesn’t have

FOC vector controller is the brain of the ebike, DYU D3 equipped with this advanced technology is able to control each energy output and save the energy greatly. Meanwhile, the heat dissipation and shock resistance is greatly improved by this high tech.DYU D3 Electric Bike



  1. DYU D3 has a bigger size compare to DYU D2. So you’ll feel it kind of inconvenience when carrying the bigger size bike. But you’ll have a chance to do some more exercise when carrying it to be more healthy.
  2. DYU D3 is heavier with the 18 kg body weight compared to13kg of DYU D2. Ladies are recommended to ride the mini bike D2 which has a smaller body size but short mileage. Because they won’t ride long on it each time.

DYU D3 Electric Bike

DYU Smart Bike D2

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