5 Facts You Need to Know About DYU A5

Have you been looking at a lot of products and have no idea how to find an e-bike that’s right for you? Here’s a little essay about the advantages of the A5 over other products.

  1. Similar appearance with the bike

The appearance of the A5 is highly similar to that of a traditional bicycle. The appearance of A5 is combined with the appearance of a bicycle and an electric motor is added on the basis of the appearance, giving users a more intimate sense of use.


  1. Biggest Motor Power among all the DYU models

A5 has a 350W high-speed brushless motor. Can make users have more strong power to riding.

Better energy, Better experience


  1. Removable battery

A5 with portable & removable battery, convenient for charging.

No need to worry about where to charging, just remove the battery and brought home to charge, more convenient for use.

  1. Rear seat

DYU A5 is currently the only one with a rear seat in the production design of DYU Ebike. It does not need to be equipped by yourself, which saves trouble for the buyers and provides more convenience for the buyers


  1. A stronger frame

A5 used better materials like aluminum alloy as a frame.

Aluminum alloy has the better waterproof and dust-proof performance.

Better materials for your more comfortable riding experience.



A5 has been improved in terms of performance design and is one of the best in terms of cost performance among all the E-Bikes of DYU. If you want to have a more comfortable ride, then you should choose DYU A5.

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