5 Most Creative Ways for the Last Mile Going Home – Crazy but Fun

creatives ways going home

What’s the most dashing way to swagger through the stress wearing a pair of cool sunglasses?  Tired of Going home with legs, it’s real time to find something fun and exciting to color up the grey sky. Let’s scream through the street attracting the eyebows of boys and girls on those splendid tools!

1. iCarbot

Have you ever tried a four wheel electric scooter? About 1 person in 100 have already set foot on it going home so far by 2017 spring. It’s obvious fashion belongs to fewer people. The earlier you try the new thing and break the old rules, the more fashionable you are.  It’s strange but outstanding. This four wheel moped board powerd by electricity finally was unveiled few months ago making breakthoughs. 2 wheel hoverboard losed its dominating place after this invention. 4 wheel iCarbot is the authentic king now. This vehicle is more steady and easier to handle as well. Even 6 year old child learns it in 5 minutes without falling. Class black or white color shows out your elegance and noble feel. Boys of girls looks up to the rider while walking with the rider together. It’s can’t more worth to have a try or you’ll regret missing this fashion trend.


2. Electric Unicycle

No doubt many passengers still drop their jaw when seeing someone riding on this one wheel scooter just like wind at the at an incredible speed, 30km/h, which is faster than most marathoner.

3. Self balancing scooter

Needless to say, the king of short trip dancer.  Justin Biber, Chris Brown, Katy Perry all feel in love with it. A long list of superstars crowded on it like crazy. You never know its charm without riding on it yourself. Smooth riding experience, bluetooth speaker and affordable price, it’s reported by CNN that almost everyone owns a hoverboard in a high scooter in USA .

4. Folding electric bike

Tell it like it is, it’s the most practical one among the five ways to go home. You’ll fall down to ground or crush into the wall 0 time compare to the hoverboard average 3 times and unicycle 5 times as beginners.  It also have 2 peerless merits. First, it’s speed is 30km/h, it means you’ll only need 3 minutes to arrive home on this bike. Second, it’s folding, it’s shorter than 1 meter as folding shape, incredible space saving.

5. Hover bike

Hover bike is created by a famous UK youtuber, who loves invent new stuffs and regards inventing as a lifestyle, is it cool? When this flying bike conquers all its disadvantages like short battery like, falling hazard and hard controling problem, it will be popular soon all over the world. Can’t wait to ride one from my company to home directly!

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