5 Must-know Tips to Keep the Ebike in Its Best State for 3 More Years


Some parts and wires will inevitably loosen up and get old after the electric bike has been running for a long time. In our daily riding, there will be an invisible increase in security risks with the used ebikes. For our travel safety, we need to check the ebike regularly. So what do we need to check on the ebike exactly? Today DYU will share 5 tips with you for the ebike problem debugging & maintenance.

1.Brake Checking

There will be a very large potential safety hazard during the ebike riding travel if the brake has a problem. In daily use, we should check the brake wire, brake disc, brake pad and so on regularly to ensure the normal operation of the brake.

DYU smart bike with the five-star super silent front and rear opposite disc brake, two-way brake, can stop in a moment. Everyone was trying to build a safe ebike but few made it. Because the key to success is to implement everything possible. DYU ebike use double disc brake is to make the transmission to brake more sensitive, double disc improves the braking performance in an all-round way, which shortens the braking distance, and makes driving safer.

ebike dyu smart bike

2. Charge Checking

In addition to regular battery testing, many users are afraid of cold and do not often travel by electric bicycle especially in winter. But please charge regularly, so as not to cause long-term loss of battery power caused by damage.  Charging jacks, hole caps and so on are also parts that need our attention.

DYU smart bike uses a new generation lithium batteries, which has a large capacity, safer and more durable. The battery’s power capacity largely determines the vehicle’s mileage. The larger the power, the farther the mileage will be. The maximum battery capacity of DYU smart bike can reach 10.4AH. It contains up to N degree electric energy in such a delicate battery, which provides sufficient energy source for the vehicle.

The charging jack and the hole cover of the DYU bike should be well concealed, then it’s effectively waterproof, and provide an additional layer of safety protection for the electric vehicle.

bms dyu smart bike

In addition, BMS battery management system is used in DYU smart bike. Battery section voltage test, battery pack total voltage test, SOC calculation and other technologies further stabilize and protect the battery, greatly reducing excessive battery loss and increasing service life of the ebike.

lithium batteries

3.Tyre Checking

If something goes wrong with the bike tire, it will not only slow down your pace but also cause a great safety problem. We should check the wear of tires at regular intervals to make sure it gose right.

DYU ebike’s shock absorber tyres can cope with whole different road surface and road conditions, effectively reduce shock and improve riding comfort.

ebike tire

4.Electric machinery Checking

Motor is the “heart” of electric vehicle, which relates to the power of electric vehicle. During the inspection, we can focus on the motor bearings and rear forks to ensure their normal operation.

DYU smart bike uses high-power brushless motor, each pulse is strong enough. Famous brand Hall components, IPX7 waterproof, dust-proof, haze-proof, enhanced sealing technology, efficiency platform lifted up 95%, power is lifted up 20%, lower energy consumption.

ebike motor

5.Other Checking

In addition to the above items, the horn, switch, lamp, bearing, support and other parts of the electric vehicle are also the key points that can not be ignored. Check regularly and ensure safety.


Safety needs cooperation from all sides. For the safety of you and your ebike, please check and maintain regularly!

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