7 Safety Tips to Free You From Hoverboard Explosion

Hoverboard hazard of explosion becomes an urgent. You do not own a hoverboard now, you are sleeping beside a bomb! We are providing your with some advice on How to deal with your precious hoverboard safely, how to have fun with the hoverboard with little danger and how to survive from its explosion. As a responsible manufacturer of this kind of self balancing scooter with Zero explosion previously, we still shoulder the responsibility to make you safer with the boards sold by other unqualified small factories. Below are some useful tips for you before and after you get the board.
1.Choose a reliable manufacturer. Most manufacturers are from China are resellers are in US or UK, you need not to worry about if sites that have spelling or grammar mistakes can be an indication that it is not a professional operation. But you need to check the reputation of this company. Some company sells this kind of scooter for one month and disappear when only few manufactures sell it for more than one year. As a professional self balancing scooter manufacturer, F-wheel has been selling this self balancing scooter for over one year and none of its product has caused explosion. When F-wheel still stand in the line the self balancing scooter manufacturers, it proves its quality is ensured and time-proved.

2.Avoid to drop and tumble Monorover too badly. Self balancing scooters are electronics not diamond. Some consumers have complained about the boards snapping apart in the center, where the deck narrows. Others have purchased boards that simply stopped working (F-wheel included). Warranties vary from six months to one year and generally cover only defects in material or workmanship. For more details, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website and ask the service personnel for more details.

3.Watch out the battery of your self balancing scooter. Jay Whitacre, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, says that the problem doesn’t have to do with these self-balancing scooters themselves, but with the quality of the batteries being used. They’re cheap, and it makes sense: This is a hot (pun not intended) holiday product, the reputable models are pretty expensive, and more-affordable brands are using cheaper components to lure in shoppers that don’t want to spend a grand or more on a hands-free Segway. Predictably, a slew of cut-rate brands are flooding the market with shoddy scooters made from cheapo components. You have to consider if the battery is good enough before you buy and consider if the price is reasonable to get the scooter.

4.Be very careful when charging them. Never leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. A faulty cut-off switch or plug without a fuse could lead to it overheating, exploding or catching fire. With these cheap batteries, a lot of things can cause fires. For one, the nature of a scooterboard—it can bang into stuff, smash into things at high speeds, and be abused by bros—makes the batteries susceptible to damage. It’s not just the nature of a cheap battery, it’s the nature of any lithium-ion battery. Previously many low quality cheap battery factory has asked F-wheel to take the use of their products, luckily F-wheel refused and keep on using the battery with high price and much steadier and safer performance.

5.Stay away from Chic smart scooter before it’s likely to explode. If your action is fast enough, try to throw it away asap. How to distinguish that it’s likely to explode? Watch the temperature, smoke and fire on it. The author saw a review on Amazon that one customer smell some strange odour when sleeping. Then he woke up and saw some smoke burst out from the self balancing scooter. He was surely a keen man and quickly grab it and throw it out of the window. Five minutes later, the self balancing scooter exploded. This is a sad but happy ending. No damaged caused except the scooter. However, we have to kindly remind that you should avoid to throw it when its likely to explode because there is too much danger to hurt yourself, just try to stay away from it as far as possible.

6.Use your scooter away from the water. Because most of this kind of self balancing scooter is not water proof., so the water may get in the scooter and cause short circuit.

7.Choose a reliable seller. Never be dazzled by a bargain. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is not very reliable.
Watch out the price but do not rely on it. We bought three models from Amazon—each at a different price point: a $400 F-wheel QQ1, a $600 MonoRover R2, and an $830 Chic Smart S1. (At the time we published this article, none of these three models was still available on Amazon’s site.)
Once the boards arrived at our labs, about 50 people learned to ride them—on carpet, tile, and asphalt. We ran them up and down a ramp in the office and up and down hills on the Consumer Reports campus.
It was not hard to find test subjects. People routinely dropped what they were doing to come see the boards in action. When offered a chance to mount them, most eagerly accepted. The boards are fun to ride—there’s no denying that. They respond in thrilling ways to subtle shifts in balance. They can zip forward, inch backward, swerve from side to side and loop around in a pirouette-like circle. If you haven’t yet seen the hoverboard dance video featuring Justin Bieber’s hit song What Do You Mean, check it out. It really captures the magic of gliding on a hoverboard.
501445432It’s not right to follow the trend riding a hoverbard, but it’s crucial to choose a safe yet reliable one like F-wheel approved by authoritative organization. Meanwhile, F-wheel CEO said, “Customer safety is always our top priority. With the continued emergence of news reports highlighting safety concerns with ‘hoverboard’ self-balancing electric scooters, we have made the decision to not use those low quality battery when others applying it to self balancing scooter without hesitation”

AFTER you buy a hoverboard:

If giving as a gift, don’t charge the battery all the way before wrapping it. The battery could overheat.
Don’t charge directly after riding, give the battery time to cool down.
Always wear a helmet and/or other protective gear.

Despite the few claims that there’s been some issues with them malfunctioning, a majority of them you know, are very safe. They’re good quality, and more importantly, they’re fun.

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