FWHEEL Participates in Global-Sources Consumer Electronics Exhibition


FWHEEL Participates in Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Show Date: October 11-14, 2017 Booth No.: 11S24, Address: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hongkong Welcome to visit us there. Get DYU ebike latest video:   About F-wheel The F-wheel project was launched in 2012. F-wheel company is a high-tech enterprise made up by former staffs from well-known international enterprises like Huawei, Baidu, Mindray etc, represented by Liu […]

Japanese Company Visit F-wheel Office in Shenzhen

A group of people from Japan visit F-wheel recently.  F-wheel’s Japanese friends are interested in its four-wheel scooter iCarbot much and speak highly of it. iCarbot takes the use of the advanced somatosensory technology, which few companies in the world have. The new design ebike DYU D1 is also one of the focus of this visit for its […]

The DYU bike Shows on Korean Exhibition and Glabal Source Exhibition

girl ebike dyu light weight fashionale stylish beautiful

The sensational new ebike revolution started by DYU hits the world again and again. DYU ebike shows in more and more places in the world now. Recently, the stunning Global Source Hongkong Exhibition and  Korean exhibition held by F-wheel partner shine the world amazingly. F-wheel Korean agents show the product and win lots of inquiries and orders. […]

The Italian Customer Visits F-wheel Office – Another Happy Collaboration

Italian customers factory with tom office manufacturer

Good news, another Italian friend of F-wheel comes to visit F-wheel Office in Shenzhen, China. And the whole people in F-wheel factory get excited and happy much for his visit. F-wheel factory manager Tom and the sales girl Evelyn welcome their new friend warmly and introduce the product, DYU D1. They reach an agreement after […]

DYU D1 Brief View: Get One Before It’s Too Late

DYU D1 is one of the most honored products in FWHEEL company. Over 6000 DYU bikes were sold out in only half a month and its total selling amount reaches up to 50 million. DYU takes the use of dolphin streamline design, 5kg ultra light weight aluminum alloy body and 60km battery life range durable battery. This outstanding design attracted dozens of businessmen, agents and distributors from Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Korea and so on once it was launched in the market. The Dyu designer from Germany, Alan said, I researched in traditional e bike for over 5 years and found every popular product has some common features – Stylish and high performance. However, I haven’t found any at that time. So I decided to make one. Then DYU was born. Jason Smith, a young Walmart purchasing manager says,” I came home sweaty one day and I thought if there is a kind of tool instead of pedaling and walking and the car driving. Then I google at home and find dyu bike. I order about 100 sets for my […]

Korean & Germany Customers Visit F-wheel DYU E Bike Factory

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F-wheel drops a bomb and makes some noise in the world. A part of smart and wise business people with rich experience in ebike field first hear about the new gadget with impressive and powerful merits, and take planes to visit the factory of F-wheel without any hesitation. The Korean customers speak highly of DYU this week. […]

DYU E Bike Factory Daily Working Scene

dyu bike fwheel

A foreign visitor comes to China this week and visits F-wheel DYU manufacturing base.  After the visit, he speaks highly of DYU factory. A part of the factory: A girl riding on DYU ebike More details about the bike: Dyu Smart Bike D1

Beautiful Morning, Beautiful DYU Bike

Riding DYU smart bike in the beautiful morning light is an enjoyable thing. With romantic DYU, spend your romantic time with your best friend. Dyu Smart Bike D1  

DYU Smart Bike – the Dawn of New Smart E-Travel -Say Goodbye to the Dumb Outdated EBike Today

fwheel dyu in the train

Pitfall ebike manufacturers allure people with all kinds of specifications and odd features. Do they really know you? You’re the young and energetic generation of fashion, you loves showing off and being cool. Are the antiquated and strange shaped and ebike laughable? Will it hurt the heart the pathetic owner? Say bye to the nightmare, say […]

Cheers! Your Sensational Taste on E Bike is Absolutely Same as Mine

Jason says, “Amazingly, I met 2 happy DYU smart bike riders on one noisy street just like in New York. It’s the second time we met UK DYU bike riders. I come up to the riders and say Hello, then ask how do they feel about the ebike. They reply, ‘Really convenient and fast.’ However, they […]

Where to Buy the Chic & Trendy Ebike Online

Where to Buy the Chic & Trendy Ebike Online It must drive you crazy choosing a reliable and good-looking ebike from hundreds. Gambling on the game is no more fun. With smart and slick appearance, one-hand-easy-lifting weight and super performance, F-wheel  DYU ebike give you no worry to be chosen. Exists an ebike in your future? Envision biking […]

Essential Reasons to Ride the Ebike Instead of Pedaling Painfully

Embarrassing sweaty bike pedaling destroys a wondrous summer time.  Staggering technology development makes the battery powerful, and fashion designer makes the ebike shape stylish. Finally, the victory of ebike is coming. Below is one of DYU customer’s unique experience: I have actually been riding bicycles for many years, doing all of the hard work of pedaling all this […]