F-wheel Electric Unicycle R3 for Adept Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks

F-wheel Electric Single Wheel R3 for Adept Riders to Showcase Fancy Tricks The spokesperson of the company maintains that F-wheel R3 is famous for its agile features and skillful riders are obsessed by its agility, design excellence and the great performance. Many riders love to present their fancy tricks in the streets and squares for […]

What is the Feeling of Riding on the Electric Unicycle

What is the feeling of riding on the electric unicycle or electric one wheel. how will feel if you ride one the electric one wheel. Like a Segway, the driver must shift their weight forward to make the unicycle accelerate and lean backwards to slow down and brake.This looks pretty cool. Dozens of customers see […]

Let F-wheel Electric One Wheel R5 Bring You a Minimalist Lifestyle

Let F-wheel Electric Unicycle R5 Bring You a Minimalist Lifestyle Abstract: F-wheel electric unicycle R5 is pursuit of a simple yet not simplistic lifestyle, defining a brand new lifestyle conceptually. F-wheel integrates the green notion into the products, making efforts for comfortable steering. The overall aim is to put its ideas into practice. One’s lifestyle […]

F-wheel R5, Let the Trend of Electric Single Wheel Sweep the World

Abstract: The F-wheel R5 won immediate praise with its stylish design and cool functions once it was introduced into the market. The F-wheel R5 is an updated version in the R series. It is a star product thanks to a slimmer tyre, a more powerful battery, and the astonishing carbon fibre casing. It’s not only […]

The Most Fantastic Device F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Single Wheel Takes You to the Moon

Brief introduction: There are always some people who are interested in new technology and wanna have a try. Now another commuting tool has been invented.The futuristic gadget: F-wheel Electric Self-balancing Single Wheel. Is there a way of locomotion green, convenient and cost-effective? The answer is definitely yes. F-wheel intelligent self-balancing single wheel meets the above requirements. […]

F wheel Introduces Intelligent Electric Unicycle Model for Skillful Riders

F wheel Introduces Intelligent Electric Unicycle Model for Skillful Riders F-wheel,electric unicycle,electric one wheel,self balancing unicycle,one wheel scooter,self balancing scooter Abstract: F wheel Kylin is the intelligent electric unicycle that offers an ultimate joy of riding to the veterans or skillful riders. F wheel has a variety of self-balancing scooters for people to experience the […]

Riding the F wheel Electric Single Wheel Obtains Ten Big Benefits

Riding the flywheel will electric unicycle ten big benefits 1. The F wheel will balance the car movement is referred to as the “educational movement” in the medical community, through the whole body muscle meat, the body is in a state of active relaxed, prompted the development of the cerebellum and thus promote the brain […]

Which Brand to Choose for an Electric Unicycle or an Electric One Wheel in this Summer

Which Brand to Choose for an Electric Unicycle or an Electric One Wheel in this Summer Fwheel, the best choice for electric self-balancing scooter Source:Fwheel Abstract: Fwheel is a leader in the sector of electric scooter. Fwheel electric self-balancing scooter is high-quality, cost-effective and energy-saving. Therefore, it is the best choice when you purchase an […]

The Beautiful Scenery of Self-balancing Electric One wheel is to Show up infront of People

How does it work? The F-wheel is an electric self-balancing unicycle. It has gyro sensors and a balancing computerized system like a Segway. To turn the F-wheel on you press the red button, and after you press it you will see how the F-wheel suddenly becomes more stabilized. This system will help you learn how to […]

2017:Unknown Device to Be Popular in Recent Years, Technique Changes the World

Unknown Device to Be Popular What is the best transportation for city trip, what makes a better future? Will people save the planet with new designed machine and technology. There is a kind of personal transporter that never stalls. You may have known about it. Yes, it’s the ever trendier F-wheel self-balancing electric unicycle which is […]

How to Maintain Your Electric Unicycle for Better Performance

Electric Unicycle sdf

Electric unicycle is a new kind of product used for city short trip. Because of its convenience and fashionable appearance, it is loved by mass people. Not matter young or old, man or women, people fall in love with it at first sight. However, F-wheel electric unicycle engineers have to remind its users that such […]

Which Travel Device to Take on An Airplane: F-wheel Electric Uncycle?

Welcome to the future with the most advanced travel device! Which Transportation Tool to Take on An Airplane: Electric Uncycle? A huge benefit of the F-Wheel units are their convenient allowance to be carried onto any Aircraft. As our units are under 450w they are allowed on as hand luggage (accept the F-wheel Q3 and […]