Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter – 2 Tips to Maintain the Battery in Winter

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

When winter comes and it turns cold, many electric bike users find that the batteries seem to run out overnight. Yes, the temperature has a direct relationship with the mileage of the electric bike. In this season, it is common in the electric bikes running a short distance per charge. When the temperature rises, the […]

DYU Smart Bike Weekly News from Singapore, Qatar & India

dyu dolphin

DYU smart bike Singapore operation center designed a brand new key ring mascot this week. This small gadget figures as a dolphin riding on the DYU scooter.  It writes and PassionGadgets on it, which is the name of F-wheel & DYU’s agent in Singapore. DYU team is also creating the virtual cartoon representative now. Please […]

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 in 2018

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 in 2018

Are you looking for the best electric bikes under 1000 in 2018? Read this article and you’ll discover the top 5 electric bikes under 1000 which are manufactured by the best ebike companies in the world. All of the bikes have their own special features, designs, and advantages, which makes them very attractive to most customers […]

3 Reasons Why DYU Smart Bike D3 is More Expensive than DYU Smart Bike D2

difference between dyu smart bike d3 &dyu smart bike d2

1. DYU Smart Bike D3 has a longer mileage than DYU Smart Bike D2 DYU Smart Bike D3 has a max 50km mileage when DYU Smart Bike D2 has a 20km mileage in pure electric mode ( 45km in moped mode ).  DYU D3 runs a longer distance because it has a 10.4Ah Li-ion battery compared to the 5.2Ah battery of DYU D2. […]

DYU D3 Electric Bike – The Most Advanced Version in DYU Smart Bike Series in 2018

DYU D3 Electric Bike

The most detailed specifications and product pictures of DYU D3 electric bike are displayed at the official site of DYU & F-wheel today. And here are the bullet points of the DYU electric bike D3: 1. DTST assisting system   2. FOC vertor controller   3. 14-inch large tire   4. 80KM mileage   5. […]

The Governor of Henan Province Invites Li Wei, DYU & F-wheel CEO to Give a Speech

The Governor of Henan Province Invites Li Wei, DYU & F-wheel CEO to Give a Speech

The governor of Henan province, Huang Qiang invites Li Wei, DYU & F-wheel CEO to give a speech on the 2018 Digital Economy Summit of International College Students Enterprising Forum. It is held by both the Slush, a Finland Young Enterprising Organization and Henan Government in China .  Over 1 thousand college students and government […]

Spanish Customers Visit DYU & F-wheel at the Beginning of October 2018

spanish customer visit dyu & F-wheel

Spanish customers visit DYU & F-wheel at the beginning of October 2018. Though F-wheel company are still on National Holiday vocation in China, they come back to the office immediately especially for the visit of their beloved and respected Spanish customers. Spanish customer talks about the DYU electric bike product features, prices and shipment to Europe […]

DYU Electric Bike in 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

dyu smart bike hong kong fair

DYU team from F-wheel took part in the 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and showed it’s products in Hong Kong to visitors and customers from all over the world. Customer is trying out the ebike and asking questions about the new style smart bike. Customer is riding smoothly on the DYU smart bike D2   […]

DYU Electric Bike CEO Li Wei is Selected in the 2018 Hurun 30 * 30 Entrepreneurship Leader List

Hurun Research Institute released “Hurun 30 *30 Entrepreneurship Leader 2018” on September 27.  Founder & CEO of F-wheel  & DYU Li Wei is successfully selected into the list. At the same time, 36 Krypton founder and CEO Liu Chengcheng, Harrow travel founder Yang Lei, Water Drops founder and CEO Shen Peng and so on, Wang […]

DYU Electric Bike in Netherlands – Photos Shared by F-wheel Agent in Holland

DYU Smart Bike in Netherlands

An agent of DYU & F-wheel in Netherland shared a few photos with us and we think it’s beautiful and brilliant. So we’ll share with other friends from DYU & F-wheel. Here come the photos. The DYU Smart Bike D2 at the railway station. Easy to lift up by the single hand. Customizing DYU electric bike. Product […]

Billiards Champion Liu Shasha Lands at DYU Ebike Global Riding Festival Thirteenth Station, Beijing

dyu bike global riding beijing

Billiards champion Liu Shasha lands at DYU Ebike Global Riding Festival Thirteenth Station, Beijing, capital of China. DYU team collaborates with BAIC Mptor Group and Beida Business Enterprising Camp to hold the riding activity successfully in Beijing. Li Wei, Li Xiaojian, founder of F-wheel & DYU smart bike, leader of Q7 of BAIC Automobile, leader […]