Brief Commuting Guide for College Students in Campus

campus college student commute

“The campus is too big, so far away from class!” Said, Lily, a college student in New York.

“It takes half an hour to walk to the dormitory from the school gate. It’s a walking race! ” Complained Jason, a college newbie in California.

“My girlfriend is in the north of the college, and I live in the south of the same campus. However, we live as far as like in 2 different cities.” Said Suzumi, a Japanese college student.

Come on, we’ve heard all kinds of complaints from our school elder sister and brothers. Too long distance from the classroom? A long way back to bed? A long time walking for a dating? The food was sold out after we walked into the campus canteen?

If you don’t have a walking tool in a large campus, you’ll always be on the road in the beautiful & young college life. In order to solve this problem, DYU provides the freshmen who are about to enter college a guide on the campus commuting tools choosing.


1. School Bus

school bus

Every university should have a school bus. The general school buses will have a larger load capacity. Most of them will use similar tourist car batteries in similar scenic spots. Because sightseeing cars can sometimes carry more than a dozen people. But the school charges money, the author knows that the school bus charges about one to two dollars one time.

Although the school bus is not very expensive, it can’t take you in school anytime. Usually four years of College time, so many students ate in school. You’ll have the occasions in the rush to class, rain, and carry more goods on the school bus. Generally, freshmen can only take the school bus with their parents to visit the campus when they enter the school and get familiar with the campus environment, after that, the campus bus won’t help anymore.


2. Bicycle


Bicycles are the most popular means of commuting on campus. In recent years, the emergence of shared bicycles has been the choice of bicycles for most college students. But the author feels uncomfortable riding a shared bike, which is more demanding if your school has more mountain or uphill roads.

So if you want to have a walking tool during college, and you have a budget, you can choose to buy a mountain bike, at least it makes the riding comfort and labor-saving.


4, Cars


There are not many students who use cars as commuting tools during college, but there must be. Generally speaking, students who have entered the university will not choose cars in the first year of university because they are too conspicuous.

The author thinks most of the university students will not choose a vehicle instead of walking. Except it makes the students feel a little rich, the campus itself is not big, and the students have a long time in school, using the cars as a commuting tool is over killing.



3. Electric Bike

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

As an upgraded version of the bicycle, the electric bicycle greatly saves students’ time. If you want to sleep ten minutes more, please consider the electric bicycle. And needn’t sweat when the weather is hot. It’s easy to imagine riding a bicycle laboriously in the sun heat or to ride an electric bike with a breeze blowing. It’s cool and fast to get to the destination on ebike. It doesn’t need to wait until it was frozen to reach the radiator.

DYU recommends that college students prepare themselves for the next four years with a suitable commuting tool, it is DYU smart bike. From the dormitory to the classroom, from teaching building to teaching building, from the playground to the canteen, you can weave more freely than walk.

The appearance of DYU smart is stylish. This cool appearance definitely makes you a star in campus commuting. Foldable means you can take them indoors without parking outside. It saves time to find a place to park and then walk from the parking point to the destination. It also ensures the safety. The Deluxe version DYU smart bike D1 also has a locating function to make you even safer.

Needn’t worry about the tired carrying, DYU smart bike has the weight of about 14 kg. Male students needn’t have to worry because even female students can lift it up with a single hand easily.

In Conclusion

After comparing the 4 ways of commuting in the college, DYU smart bike is most suitable for school use.  Have a try on the Back to school/college day.

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