A New Way to Have Fun with Your Hoverboard


Interesting, you could never thought of that you can sit on the hoverboard and go smoothly.


This time our dream comes true. It’s not an ancient solo wheel by manul power. Its a modern wheel on hoverboard.

Then, how to use the hoverboard?

only two steps:

1. Lay down your hoverboard on the flat groud.

2. Put the hovercart on your cute hoverboard.

Then you can simply sit on the hoverboard to have pure fun!

With this hoverkart you’ll never be afraid of falling down to the ground. Because you just site near to the ground. And the advantage to standing on the self balancing scooter is, it saves your strength!

It’s really a pity that you own a hoverboard but you still haven’t try this funny kart. You and your kids will finally fall in love with it for its DIY style and automobile handlebar design.

One more point, you can hold a hovercart race in your yard with your friend without too much danger compared to standing on the hoverboard!

Interesting! We can’t help having a try now!


Try it here:  https://www.fwheel.cc/Product-Self-Balancing-Electric-Unicycle/Hoverkart.html

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