A Part of Testimonials of F-wheel Customers

As a successful man in business at such a young age, I feel kind of boring sometimes compared to my peers. However, when I met the so called smallest, greenest, most convenient People Mover ever invented, I feel my life showed up some joy. Riding on it like taming a wildhorse allows me to move like wind. I do brought me fun after all.
Aaron Smith

CEO of West Tech Co.


I am a happy girl from China, the orgin country of F-wheel electric unicycle. Nowadays, riding on the electric unicycle on the streets atrracting the eyes of millions of pedestrians is the new trend in China, especially in Beijing. My friends call me the Cool Girl on Wheel, funny,haha. Tell it like it is, I have tried many brands of unicycle, after years of experiment, I found F-wheel electric unicyclekeep on maintaining its best quality for its profession over the years! My friends ask me how to choose a  realible electric unicycle, I told my friend do not choose F-wheel, because when you choose F-wheel, you’ll lose lots of fun repairing it..

Amber Nelson

Happy girl in china


Success is not in the least a windfall. Three years have witnessed great efforts by F-wheel and its hard-won fame and honor. F-wheel presents itself as a worldwide famous unicycle-makes, as well as at countrywide.  Recently I’ve learned F-wheel has been visited by the China national leader and the leader praised the CEO of F-wheel for his decication in high tech field. I am looking forward to its new unicycle!
Barrett King
Manager of Microsof


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