A Prediction on What will Be the Next Fashion Trend after Hoverboard


Many electric unicycle fans got involved in the self balancing field in 2013. People dropped their jaw then wondering why the one wheel can run so fast when people stand straight upon it! Later, electric unicycle got into the eyes of more and more people during 2013 to 2015 and reached a peak in 2015 August. Engadget, a famous electronics review site commented,”This $295 (wholesale) gadget is one of the most interesting finds here.”

Then a new two wheel scooter that looked like a mini version Segway got hot in 2015 July suddenly thanks to the riding show on social network of Justing Biber, Chris Brown and many other popular stars. The user number of this two wheel named hoverboard exceeded the electric unicycle accumulated for 3 years in just 4 months. Thousands of China manufacturers turned their machine on immediately and kept them working day and night producing this US young people beloved must-have fashion product.

However, good times went by fast, knock-offs and cheap copies ruined the fame of this entertainment product. Safety issue got extremely sever according to some explosions in North America. Many famous and authentic China manufacturers like F-wheel, Chic, HX and Airwheel endured the same unfair treatment from the court in US in 2016 February . Hoverboard buzz was cooled down but got popular in Europe.


People can find an interesting trend that the wheel number of the scooter gets larger. “ One wheel is resilient enough to withstand a few bumps and bruises while the two wheel can’t. And the hoverboard speed will never reach the max speed of the one wheel and is less exciting but it’s much easier to learn, it should be the reason why it gets popular much easier.” Said, Tamourk, an electric unicycle rider for 3 years. Lower learning cost and removing the threshold will make more and more people get involved in the innovation to enjoy the fun brought by the technology. According to this theory, a four wheeled scooter is definitely much more steadier than one or two wheel. Meanwhile, a branded company who’s responsible for all it’s Samsung battery will prominently make it safe because no company wish to ruin its reputation accumulated for years.Through researching and compare, we draw the conclusion that iCarbot is the next fashion trend after hoverboard.