Back to School Day New Gift to Kids – DYU Smart Bike

back to schoo day gift ebike

To encourage the young one study better in school while feeling the love from the family, sending a gift to the kid when they are back to school is necessary nowadays. This stylish ebike can’t be more suitable for this occasion. It will not only facilitates the commuting in the school, but also makes the kids look fashionable on the back to school day.

back to schoo day gift ebike

The features of this ebike named DYU:

1, It breaks the heavy and dull shape of the traditional electric bike, its body is beautiful and trendy.

2, DYU Smart Ebike D2 weight is only 15kg, small and folding, easy to bring into the home, office and classroom and so on;

3, Its maximum speed is 25km/h, strong power, free riding experience;

4, Equipped with APP lock, 4 riding modes, downhill auto charging, multi-function dashboard;

5, Built in DTST assist system, gesture fusion control, it makes riding easier.

6, In line with the new international standard of electric bikes, no need to worry about the laws and bans.

Back to school day’s best choice – DYU smart bike

back to schoo day gift ebike

The strong battery and sturdy ebike frame carry 2 adults without any problem. Therefore, it’s also a good tool to pick up kids home and send kids back to school. It would also be an amazing and wonderful tool for the parent-child time too.


Monday, 3 September is the day for kids going back to school and it’s around the corn. Are you ready for it?

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