Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter – 2 Tips to Maintain the Battery in Winter

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

When winter comes and it turns cold, many electric bike users find that the batteries seem to run out overnight. Yes, the temperature has a direct relationship with the mileage of the electric bike. In this season, it is common in the electric bikes running a short distance per charge. When the temperature rises, the mileage will resume. So, don’t worry about it.

Then what is the relationship between the temperature and the mileage of the electric bike? Why does the cold weather cause the electric bike to run not far?
Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

Reasons for the Undurability of the Ebike Battery

1. About the capacity of batteries: When the temperature drops, the capacity of batteries will also drop. The ideal riding environment for electric vehicles is around 25 C, which is also the reason why most people feel that electric bikes run farther in summer. But now the temperature in winter is dropping dramatically, and the capacity of batteries will drop dramatically. When the temperature is zero, the capacity of the battery is only about 70% of the normal capacity. When the temperature below zero, the battery capacity drops by 1% as the temperature drops 1℃. The lower the temperature, the lower the capacity of the battery.


2. About the mileage of electric bikes: when the temperature drops, the mileage will drop. This is a normal phenomenon, the battery is not broken, the electric bike is not broken, either. After spring, the weather temperature rises, then the riding mileage of the electric bike will gradually return to normal state. Electric bike mileage is determined by the battery capacity. In winter, when battery capacity decreases, riding mileage decreases at the same time. When battery capacity is only 70% of normal, the average riding mileage will be only 70% of normal. If the temperature is lower, the riding mileage will be shorter.


3. The minimum capacity of the battery should be kept: no less than 25%. When riding an electric bicycle in winter, the battery capacity should not be less than 25%. If less than 25%, the battery will be damaged and the service life of the battery will be affected.


4. Regarding charging of electric bikes in cold weather: Increase charging time appropriately, and recharge 1-2 hours after the lights turn color. It’s recommended not to charge it at home in cold weather. When charging the electric bike and the battery volume light turns color, it can be float charging for another 1-2 hours. Be careful not to charge the battery for too long, which will also cause damage to the battery.

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

Two Tips of Antifreezing Measures for Batteries of Electric Vehicles in Winter

Maintaining Batteries in Winter

It is becoming colder day by day. If the lithium battery is not properly maintained, it is very simple to make the lithium battery frozen and difficult to recover or scrap. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the lithium battery frozen in winter. We should pay attention to these aspects in these details.

First, we should often check the status of battery power storage, and make up for the shortage in time.

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

Second, thas a great influence on the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Electric bikes should be parked indoors or above 0℃.

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In winter, the owners are afraid of the cold weather and do not want to ride an electric bicycle. First, please ensure that the batteries be charged at least 1-2 times a month, and secondly, put the electric bicycle above 0℃. In addition, because some models of DYU bikes have GPS positioning function, it is suggested that the owners check the battery’s power every week and charge it in time. Never leave the electric bicycle idle, in case the loss of batteries causes economic losses, do take proper battery protection measures in winter, so that next spring we can ride on the DYU smart bike to shuttle around the streets and attract the eyes of passersby again.

Battery of Electric Bikes is Undurable in Winter

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