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Boosted boards become popular among young people. What is a boosted board? It is a innovative tool invented in 2015 that most people have never tried. Young people ride it to be trendy and fashionable and commute between home and school. What’s more, they can take it out to play with friends and have great fun. To keep your kids from the addictive computer games to encourage them to do more sports, buying your kids a one wheel hoverboard is the wisest decision.


One wheel hoverboard X1

A young man said, “I’d say I like the one wheel hoverboard very much and the Onewheel is pretty easy to pick up compared to other board sports. Sure thin, it’s easy to learn.

There is some disadvantages in the skateboard. And you also really notice the benefits of the only having one wheel when you’re turning. On a skateboard, sharp turns are pretty difficult and most of the time you turn by leaning — but the four wheels cause your turns to be more sweeping and broad. Thanks to the F-wheel’s single wheel, it’s much easier to weave your way around people or rotate around by leaning heavily in one direction while keeping your balance tipped forward. Meanwhile, the top speed of this mono wheel is 18km/h , which is sever times of walking.” Such an excellent and dashing commuting tool is worth to own.


The mad scientist who started F-wheel company calls his vehicle an “earned experience.” That means it’s hard to ride. Despite the name, this hoverboard doesn’t levitate. Instead, it uses gyroscopes like a Segway to help you balance with your feet on either side of one giant rollerblade-style wheel in the center.

To be honest, this is not new thing. And some companies have designed some other hoverboard previously. If this thing had launched a year ago, it would probably have caused more of a stir. But since then, some real (though impractical due to needing a metal floor) hoverboards have debuted from Lexus and Arx Pax. And everyone is mislabeling those HoverTrax/Cyboard mini Segways as hoverboards. This thing is invented to fill the gap of in the one wheel self balanicng scooter field.

Why does F-wheel manufacture this new design hoverboard? First of all, it’s a professional self balancing scooter factory with rich experience in manufacturing all kinds of bootest scooters. F-WHEEL Self-balancing Electric Unicycle & Scooter, which is a Sino-German joint venture corporation founded in 2012 in Germany. It is a high-tech company that operates on product manufacturing, researching and development, as well as sales and marketing activities. F-WHEEL is on a mission to realize intelligent green travel industry and boost the improvement of human transportation situation. F-WHEEL dedicates to researching and developing the intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle, owning a large quantity of patents. F-WHEEL has founded three researches operation base before its foundation. In high-tech city (Shenzhen) it has also founded R&D and production base. Meanwhile,(Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd), as a subsidiary of F-wheel, has invested a large part of money in building the top workshop, expanding and developing the R &D team. In international city (HongKong), this trading company (Counterbalance Technology (HK) Co., Ltd) operates international trading business at the same time. As a professional high tech company, with most excellent manufacturing ability and least advertisement cost , the one wheel hoverboard X1 is released. Cost- effective is the most obvious feature of this product. It is expected that F-wheel one wheel hoverboard will be in every corn in the world, especially in US, Canada UK, France, Russia,Denmark and Belgium .

At last, we have to mention that though this hoverboard is easy to learn, it still need some time to learn, maybe it needs few hours.  Actually, this Hoverboard X1 with its powerful, narrow wheel is as much a Board-Sport as an actual Product.  As such, it cannot be ridden immediately; it takes time to learn, so the kind of people who are buying Hoverboards are first and foremost, people who find some meaning in challenge and achievement, not those who are looking for immediate gratification and to quickly move-on to the next “thing”.  It seems they recognize that “because” it takes skill to ride, it demonstrates skill to ride, and also never gets boring for largely that very same reason – because the owner is always getting better at the sport.  The sport is “Surfing on Land”.  We imagined how fun it would be to surf to work, or surf to the train, and from the train to work, or just surf all around town and through parks.  Now, we are doing exactly that, nimble beyond compare and completely hands-free, and it is even more than we imagined. Dare you challenge it?

However, it doesn’t matter you don’t want to learn and wan to hop on it and ride immediately. The One Wheel Hoverboard X3 will satisfy your needs immediately. Why, because it is a two-wheeled hoverboard so it have more balance then the X1. The easiest product is X3. However, it sacrifices some mobility compared to X1. We recommend you to start with X3. When you learned how to ride it, riding X1 will be a piece of cake. Anyway, the most suitable one is the best for you.


 One Wheel Hoverboard X3

Many people may care that how much does this skateboard cost. We have to say it’s not expensive and most people can afford it. This One wheel hoverboard is on sale on F-wheel official website in April or the price will get higher later. Please leave a message below then you’ll get detailed information of the product.

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