Brief Introcution of All the F-wheel Self Balancing Products in April 2016

We are going to show you all the products that are manuafactured by F-wheel company and tell you a little more information about the products.

iCarbot, Four Wheel Scooter

A four wheeled scooter weighs only 3 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter and latest design in 2016 spring!

This is the hit product that F-wheel company released in 2016 January. Though it’s released. It’s still in the sample ordering process and haven’t been sold with large qualities. However, thousands of customers have ordered it in advance. Once they are manufactured out, they will be sent to the clients immediately.  Good news is that F-wheel have succeed in crowd funding on a famous China crowd funding platform Taobao by collecting 4 million dollars before manufacturing it. What’s more, a large number of USA, UK, Canada old customers as the wholesalers, retailers, agents and distributors of F-wheel company have paid cash in advancefor pre ordering 4000 sets of iCarbots because of the trust that F-wheel established with them in last few years.

iCarbot is a great idea though it haven’t been tested by its mass customers. And it will get popular just like hoverboards and electric unicycle in 2015 according to its preordering performance in last few weeks.



Dolphin one electric unicycle. Product Type :FL-D1 Product Type :FL-D3 Product Type :FL-D5

It is the most classic product proudly produced by F-wheel. Its excellent performance and reasonable price make it the top product in the history of F-wheel.

“I love its appearance very much and wish it could be improved in the near future.” One of the agents from UK said.

What amazed F-wheel company is that Korea people likes it very much and you can find it in most supermarkets in Korea. There is a exclusive agent of F-wheel in Korea who’s an expert in marketing.

Red Rabbit

Ride red rabbit to be faster than white rabbit.

The earliest product from F-wheel company since 2012. F-wheel company started to manufacture it first in China, which makes F-wheel the first company to manufacture electric unicycle/self balancing unicycle in China. At that time, there has been no any other electric unicycle company in China. So we can call F-wheel a pioneer in the self balancing scooter field.  F-wheel has sold 10 thousand of this product by now. Germany customers likes it especially.


A mysterious version that has never showed up.

Above word is a humor. Some interesting people said F-wheel’s website is full of pearls and plays jokes on it. F-wheel thinks it’s interesting and try to amuse its customers in the way it likes just like before.  To be honest, this beatle electric unicycle once designed out by the designers, F-wheel CEO found it’s too big & heavy so they disposed it. It’s such a pity that you haven’t seen the real one in life.  As a leading company in the self balancing scooter field, there is always much trial and err. Not life other companies which are good at copying from other companies, F-wheel usually create it. Though there are always risks in inventing, F-wheel thinks it’s worth it.

Two Wheel Basic

All the handsome boys and beautiful girls and super stars like it in 2015! Self balancing scooter with two wheel represents the future of human life

Needless to say, it’s the most popular product in 2015 Christmas. Many young kid put it on the top of their wish list. F-wheel have sold out over 20 thousand in the last few months in 2015. Hit product in 2015.

Below products are all the variants of this two wheel basic/hoverboard.

Two Wheel Advanced

Better than two wheel basic, better configuration, better feeling. The King of two wheel self balancing scooter!

Two Wheel Scooter QQ2

Bluetooth two wheel self balancing scooter frees you from blue. Extremely fun riding on it while listening to music you like.

Two Wheel Little Bear

Little Bear Kid Self Balancing Scooter, Big Bear Likes Riding it Also!

Two Wheel Butterfly

Butterfly self balancing scooter & hoverboard makes your lovely daughter princess!

Two Wheel Batman

Strong and wise for no reason. Ride it fast and furious, feeling the soul of great heroes!

One Wheel Hoverboard X1/X2/X3

One Wheel Hoverboard X2: Outstanding Design, Best Performance.

Those are the new products in 2016. However, it seem that it is still not as popular as above products.

VR All in One

Virtual Reality Headset/Glasses. Best Configuration. Popular in 2016. F-wheel Top Recommended Product.

VR Phantom A

Virtual Reality Headset/Glasses. See the Reality in Movie.


Virtual Reality Headset/Glasses. High Configuration Version.

Those products are the new comers in F-wheel company which are managed by the subsidiary company XYQQ. Vr becomes popular and XYQQ company also starts to manufacture it.

If you are interested in any of the products above, just leave a message below which will spend you 30 seconds. And you’ll get warm and detail reply by F-wheel’s service personnel in 3 hours. Or just chat with us online: Click the char button on the right of this page, which would be even easier than leaving a message.

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