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Where / How to buy F-wheel DYU electric bike & e scooter?

Many customers who want to buy DYU smart bike at retail price for fast delivery may ask that question. That’s a practical question to approach the exquisite F-wheel electric vehicles.

So, how to buy F-wheel e-bikes & e-scooters? Here comes the answer.

1. Find a reliable agent of F-wheel

F-wheel has agents all over the world who sells F-wheel electric vehicles, they are the main sellers of F-wheel.

The most stunning thing is, we have resellers in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greek, UK, Spain, America and so on.

What’s more, you can find other resellers in other districts like EMO BIKES to purchase the DYU bike, too. And it will save your time buying from our local resellers.

Buy DYU smart bike in Vietnam:

Buy DYU smart bike in Colombia:

Buy DYU smart bike in Ireland: , Email: [email protected]


2. Buy it on this website or DYU official store

There are all kinds of contact means including filling out a contact form (there is a contact form below, it’s also ok to fill it on the contact page), email, telephone, hotline, Whatsapp, online consulting(click the button on the right of this page bottom and chat with our service personnel online), and address to meet all needs of the customer. Or just leave your email or telephone and tell us when you are free, we will contact you on time and give you the best response and solution.

Because we are factory directly selling and mainly orient to wholesale resellers, our selling method is kind of different to those online detailing shops like Amazon and eBay. The right procedure to get your brand new posh DYU e-bikes & e scooters is: 1, Leave us a message. 2, Get the detailed information sent from our sales manager about the vehicle through the contacting means you left or through the online support consulting. 3, Pay for the product with the way you like,L/C , T/T, D/P, D/A and PayPal are all ok.  4, Wait for the product to come to you in few days. 5, Enjoy the after-sales service.

Also, you can buy a few samples without contacting us. That is, buy DYU smart electric bike samples at DYU retail store directly with Paypal – the fastest way of acquiring the DYU e bicycle samples.

Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd

(Factory: R&D Base  and Production Base)

Add: Fl.1503 Jia’anda Building, HuaFan Rd, DaLang street, Longhua New District, ShenZhen,China

Tel:+86-0755-21006876   Mobile: +86-19874721203
Email: [email protected]

Zhengzhou F-wheel Industrial Co., Ltd

(China Operation Center)

Address: Building 1, NO.2  Business Central Garden  Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China.
Email: [email protected]

Contact Us

3. Buy it on Alibaba

We are a member of Alibaba: DYU Alibaba official site.

4. Buy it on eBay

DYU resellers may have put some products on it.

5. Buy it on Amazon

We have some products on Amazon, you can search and find DYU bike on Amazon directly.

6. Buy it on JD Mall <China Customers Only>

If you’re in China, you can buy the products on JD here.


If you are interested to become DYU’s official reseller or agent, please email at [email protected] Our sales manager will also contact you in a short time!

About us:

Our Company – Best Electric Bike Manufacturer

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Or Just fill in the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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For all the similar questions like above,
Please contact [email protected]