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Why Electric Bicycles Are More Popular than Motorcycles?

motorcycle ebike difference

Why are electric bicycles more popular than motorcycles? The following reasons cannot be neglected. You may know it just after reading this article It is an undeniable trend that electric bikes and motorcycles are transforming into electric vehicles. This is mainly because in recent years, electric bicycles have developed so fast, much faster than automobiles […]

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 in 2018

Top 5 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 in 2018

Are you looking for the best electric bikes under 1000 in 2018? Read this article and you’ll discover the top 5 electric bikes under 1000 which are manufactured by the best ebike companies in the world. All of the bikes have their own special features, designs, and advantages, which makes them very attractive to most customers […]

3 Reasons Why DYU Smart Bike D3 is More Expensive than DYU Smart Bike D2

difference between dyu smart bike d3 &dyu smart bike d2

1. DYU Smart Bike D3 has a longer mileage than DYU Smart Bike D2 DYU Smart Bike D3 has a max 50km mileage when DYU Smart Bike D2 has a 20km mileage in pure electric mode ( 45km in moped mode ).  DYU D3 runs a longer distance because it has a 10.4Ah Li-ion battery compared to the 5.2Ah battery of DYU D2. […]

DYU D3 Electric Bike – The Most Advanced Version in DYU Smart Bike Series in 2018

DYU D3 Electric Bike

The most detailed specifications and product pictures of DYU D3 electric bike are displayed at the official site of DYU & F-wheel today. And here are the bullet points of the DYU electric bike D3: 1. DTST assisting system   2. FOC vertor controller   3. 14-inch large tire   4. 80KM mileage   5. […]

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on Ebike Safe Charging

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

Overcharging the ebike may cause an serious explosion or fire. Especially in summer, when the weather is hot, the ebike over charging caused fire accidents occur frequently and has never stopped in recent years. Ebike charging fire accident Since ebike like DYU smart bike has become one of the most common means of transportation in […]

DYU Smart Bike European Agent Collaborates with Star Singer Fero in Kosovo

super star fero dyu smart bike electric bike

DYU smart bike gets popular in Europe and wins a great reputation for its fashionable appearance, trendy design and awesome performance. Now it attracts the attention of the superstar singer Fero in Kosovo and gets the consent to collaborate on the posters and albums while carrying Fero. It’s an impressive and pleasant experience working with […]

Pay Attention to the Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

Maintenance of the DYU Electric Bike in Summer

How to maintain your DYU smart bike in summer? We’ll discuss the topic in this essay today. With the improvement of living standards and the increasing pace of life, electric bicycles are becoming the first choice for more and more consumers because of their convenience, pollution-free and low price features. Especially in hot summer, electric […]

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

As China makes more and more positive topics in recent years in manufacturing field, the so-called “best seller” products made in China shows more and more frequently. DYU smart electric bike is one of the stars among the best products from China. Below are some examples of Chinese best seller products in the world: China’s most […]

DYU D1 Smart Bike Function and Breif User Guide – APP Download/ Bluetooth Connection/ Password/ Cruise Mode Setting Etc.

elektroroller mit straßenzulassung

1. Power on / off: The red circle below is the power button. Turn on by pushing forward.  Then the power volume dashboard on the right lights up. Turn off by pulling the power button back. Then the power dashboard turns dark. 2. The horn: Press down the red horn button when power on, the […]

Top 10 Trade Companies Import E bike in China – E bike aus china

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In plenty of reports of electric bikes from famous marketing research companies like Decision Resources Group, Lieberman Research Worldwide and ICF and so on,  China is the most efficient and experience e bike manufacturing kingdom. Over two-thirds ebikes in the world are produced in China and over 1418 million e bikes are manufactured every year. Therefore, most trading companies are importing E bike […]

What to Ride Today – Electric Bike Riding is Getting Prevalent Wordwide in 2018

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Electric bikes are getting more and more popular since it was invented and now its use is growing worldwide including the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Spain and so on. It’s so popular that you can see it in most countries in Europe and American. In 2023, the global sales amount […]

Top 10 Chinese E Bike Manufacturer List

Powerful.Highly efficient.Stable. Stable drive system Compatible with 135mm rear dropout Suitable for a 7-11 speed cassette

Previously we talked about where is the best place to import the e bike, then many readers write to ask if we can recommend a few outstanding e bike manufacturers in China. So in this article, we’ll list the best 10 e bike manufacturer in China to make it easier and faster to get more information about the factories. […]