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Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

Live a Stylish Life with DYU Smart Bike – The Best Chinese Electric Bike

As China makes more and more positive topics in recent years in manufacturing field, the so-called “best seller” products made in China shows more and more frequently. DYU smart electric bike is one of the stars among the best products from China. Below are some examples of Chinese best seller products in the world: China’s most […]

DYU D1 Smart Bike Function and Breif User Guide – APP Download/ Bluetooth Connection/ Password/ Cruise Mode Setting Etc.

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1. Power on / off: The red circle below is the power button. Turn on by pushing forward.  Then the power volume dashboard on the right lights up. Turn off by pulling the power button back. Then the power dashboard turns dark. 2. The horn: Press down the red horn button when power on, the […]

Top 10 Trade Companies Import E bike in China – E bike aus china

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In plenty of reports of electric bikes from famous marketing research companies like Decision Resources Group, Lieberman Research Worldwide and ICF and so on,  China is the most efficient and experience e bike manufacturing kingdom. Over two-thirds ebikes in the world are produced in China and over 1418 million e bikes are manufactured every year. Therefore, most trading companies are importing E bike […]

What to Ride Today – Electric Bike Riding is Getting Prevalent Wordwide in 2018

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Electric bikes are getting more and more popular since it was invented and now its use is growing worldwide including the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Spain and so on. It’s so popular that you can see it in most countries in Europe and American. In 2023, the global sales amount […]

The Ultimate E Bike Buyers Guide 2018 – Latest Stylish & Popular Electric Bikes With Unique Designs

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All the best electric bikes in 2018 have their own amazing features and advantages while they have their unique defects at the same time.  The strong bikes with durable batteries usually weigh high while the lightweight ones are weak in the long run; The beautiful smart bikes are stylish while they are not comfortable enough for riding. […]

Korean Customers Visit F-wheel Factory Inspecting the Electric Bike Shipping

Another joyful agreement is reached by both the outstanding Korean customers and F-wheel company this month. In order to make this business even more smoothy and successful, a group of careful Korean businessmen fly to Shenzhen, China and inspect the whole process of the manufacturing and shipment.  F-wheel’s Korean friends are trying on the DYU […]

Electric Bike News Select -UPS Started to Deliever Packages with Electric Vehicle

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Electric bikes are getting more and more popular and many great shipping companies are taking use of it gradually. At the moment, UPS applied the new invented silent electric delivery trike along Las Olas Boulevard and the surrounding neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to deliver packages to customers.  However it’s not big news because there […]

Get Ready for Christmas & Happy New Year – Stylish DYU Electric Bike is the Best Choice for Friends and Family

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Christmas & New Year is coming soon, deciding what gift to send is one of the biggest headaches to most people around the world. People love presents which is both stylish and useful for daily life. DYU smart electric bike, best electric bike Meanwhile, it should better can be shown off around people while in […]

DYU Folding Electric Bike Appears in Korea Fashion Show

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Recently, a group of young & fashionable Korean stars ride on the DYU folding electric bike D2 and show all kinds of poses which show irresistible charm to the audience especially teenage girls. DYU bike becomes a symbol of being stylish commuting & socializing tool to hang out together. Korea electric bike,electric bike korea DYU […]

The DYU Folding Electric Bike Online Living Show Attracts Over 1 Million Visitors

DYU company recently holds an online living show and attracts over 1 million watching together. During the show,  the hot girl shows the one-hand-lifting electric bike and dances with the bike, which show irresistible charm to most people in China. When and after the show, a limited amount of 2000 DYU bikes are sold out. electric […]

Enter the Life of Electro Bike Riding for Three Reasons | F-wheel News Broadcasting

Have you ever thought about how many time you spending on daily moving around the city? From the time management point of view, this is one of the most important things, because spending the time to driving and moving takes a lot and saving time here gives the ability to spend this time with family, […]