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11-month-old Hoverboard Baby in Utah Become Famous


It’s surprising but a Utah 11-month-old rises to viral popularity as ‘The Hoverboard Child’ A Utah baby is going viral after displaying an uncommon feat for an 11-month-old– riding his moms and dads’ hoverboard. Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City stars in a collection of video clips published to YouTube by his moms and dads, […]

5 Most Creative Ways for the Last Mile Going Home – Crazy but Fun

creatives ways going home

What’s the most dashing way to swagger through the stress wearing a pair of cool sunglasses?  Tired of Going home with legs, it’s real time to find something fun and exciting to color up the grey sky. Let’s scream through the street attracting the eyebows of boys and girls on those splendid tools! 1. iCarbot Have […]

Youth Daily Interview-the Original Self Balancing Vehicle is Hot Selling Globally

Youth Daily Interviewed the CEO of F-wheel company, Liwei, whose is the CEO of F-wheel company. The original self balancing vehicle is hot selling globally and Liwei becomes famous in China. In this field, China has become the main export of the self balancing boards. This merit owes to the hard working of many people […]

Customer Review: F-wheel Hoverboard, the Best Gift to Your Friend or Yourself

If the skateboard and Segway had a strange, high-tech love child, it would be the F-wheel hoverboard. It’s as weird and wonderful as it sounds. This small compact design is portable and perfect for indoors or on any smooth surface. When I ride my self-balance board around EVERYONE asks me two questions. What is that, […]

Self Balancing Boards/Scooter Trends in December

Opinions on self-balancing scooter riders on campus Student riding on hoverboard. Photo by Nolan Bollier Jennifer Walter, Science & Technology Reporter November 30th, 2015 Marquette students are taking a cue?from Tupac Shakur’s “Picture Me Rolling” ?as they cruise around campus on their self-balancing scooters. It isn’t uncommon to walk to class and share the sidewalk […]

Boosted Boards, Your Best Leisure Time Company

Boosted boards become popular among young people. What is a boosted board? It is a innovative tool invented in 2015 that most people have never tried. Young people ride it to be trendy and fashionable and commute between home and school. What’s more, they can take it out to play with friends and have great fun. To […]

Brief Introcution of All the F-wheel Self Balancing Products in April 2016

We are going to show you all the products that are manuafactured by F-wheel company and tell you a little more information about the products. iCarbot, Four Wheel Scooter A four wheeled scooter weighs only 3 kg. You can stand on it and move freely just like hoverboards or self balancing scooter. Safer, steadier, lighter […]

Read Before Riding a Hoverboard: Be Safe Before Being Cool


Hoverboard, aka smart balance board, self balancing scooter, as an new invention becomes extremely popular in 2015 in USA, and it seems get more and more popular in Europe, especially in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain. Great user experience and dashing social attribute are the main feature of this product. However, everything has two sides […]