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For safer travel during COVID-19, ride DYU S1 ebike

DYU Smart Electric Bike S1

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 quickly spreads, the entire team at DYU wishes you and those close to you safety and good health. To prevent the contagious coronavirus, remember to keep a certain distance to each other, wash hands frequently, sleep well & wear a mask when going outside. Moreover, folks are also suggested […]

DYU & F-wheel are back to work in 2020

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

Greetings, DYU fans! DYU & F-wheel company staff are back to work now after the Chinese New Year holiday and getting the resume work approval from the government through comprehensive epidemic prevention preparation. At the beginning of 2020. we have DYU Smart Bike D3+ & DYU Smart Bike V1 in stock and soon most other […]

The 3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand was successfully held

3rd anniversary celebration of the DYU brand

Time flies when rain and wind are the same. The world is changing, and DYU is growing fast in adversity! DYU brand has gone through three years of ups and downs with a healthy posture, three years of unity and morality, and three years of development. On January 6, 2020, on this milestone day, the […]

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice 2020 – F-Wheel DYU

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice - F-Wheel DYU

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this year. Please kindly be advised that our factory will be closed from 16th Jan. to 10th Feb., for our Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). During this period, any orders will be accepted but will not be processed until 10th […]

DYU smart bike V1 with most comfortable seat, double suspension and best alarm system

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1

What’s new in DYU smart bike V1 compared to other ebike/escooter series of DYU?   First, DYU smart bike V1 comes with the most comfortable seat in the world. The seat is smooth, round and soft without any shape edges compared to the traditional e scooter seat. Besides, the surface of the seat is larger […]

The beautiful young lady of Vietnam TV station shows the local good looking travel tool DYU

vietnam dyu tv

In most people’s minds, Vietnam’s urban areas, motorcycles can be seen everywhere, the motorcycle army is constantly flowing, while their appearance is cumbersome, and there is exhaust emissions. As environmental issues become more prominent, the Vietnamese government is increasingly concerned about green transportation tools. More and more electric vehicles are now entering the Vietnamese market. […]

F-wheel & DYU Smart Bike CEO Li Wei enrolled the Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2019 the second time

Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2019 list was revealed in Shenzhen on September 27th, 2019. This list aims to find out the entrepreneurial leaders under 30 years old. This is Hurun’s third consecutive year of releasing the Under30s Entrepreneurship Leadership List. And the F-wheel & DYU Smart Bike CEO, Liwei, with Li Jiaqi, Xiaoguo […]

DYU Smart Electric Bike D5 to be launched soon – All round improved DYU new model

dyu d5

Some DYU smart bike users report that they need some premium e-bikes with advanced features. In responding that, DYU smart bike D5 is invented. Features of DYU smart bike D5: Removable LG batteries – Replace a new battery in 1 minute after the working battery run out. 100km long endurance – No need to worry […]

Amazing 500k e bikes/month! DYU new factory is in charge of DYU smart bike production now

dyu smart bike new facotory

From now on, no wholesaler needs to ask the capacity of DYU smart bike factory anymore. Because DYU production team is able to produce enough ebikes for all the riders worldwide with an incredible and tremendous 500k ebikes/ month capacity! Image how many bike riders there are in the world! The total active rider number […]

DYU Smart Bike D3 Plus – The most lightweight, portable and agile commuting tool for city short trip

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

Are you looking for a light, portable, folding, agile commuting tool for traveling through the city? Are you tired of the traffic jams in the streets when driving cars?  Do you want to do some morning exercise instead of sitting in the car and getting fat? Do you want to be eco-friendly to save the […]

What’s new in the DYU Smart Bike D2+ folding electric bike?

dyu fiido

The innovation in the means of transportation in the city is amazing: beginning with electric cars and then the electric bikes. This has resulted in models like the April edition of the F-wheel DYU Smart Electric Bike D2+ model, one of the most recent e-bikes models of this Chinese manufacturer. In this article, we bring […]