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DYU A1f Electric Bike is Launched in July 2018 – Leak: 5000 Sets were Sold to a Japan Agent Before Launching

a1f dyu electric bike

The weather and electric bike are both hot in July 2018. F-wheel & DYU team worked day and night to fulfill the order from their secret Japan agent producing 5000 sets of DYU A1f and shipping in June. Today, the DYU A1f is launched just now and the first container of the ebikes are exactly on […]

Hundreds of People Ride on the DYU Electric Bike on the Streets Celebrating the Foundation of DYU Singapore Operation Center

Hundreds of People Ride on the DYU Electric Bike on the Streets Celebrating the Establishion of DYU Singapore National Operation Center

F-wheel subsidiary brand DYU smart bike formally stationed in Singapore, marking the official establishment of the first overseas operation center of DYU in Southeast Asia on 10th June 2018. And it will make this Chinese stylish gadget convenient to use in more and more streets of Singapore. F-wheel CEO Li Wei and the DYU co-founder […]

Netherlands Customers Visit F-wheel / New Gift for Kids -DYU Electric Bike

Dutch / Netherlands customer visit fwheel dyu

It’s a special week for children because Children’s Day has just come, and it’s a special week for F-wheel DYU because F-wheel’s Dutch customer comes to visit F-wheel with his family. It’s a great honor having F-wheel’s Netherlands customer family as the guest in the office in Shenzhen, China.  They are all nice, friendly beautiful people, especially […]

F-wheel Starts a Forum for DYU Electric Bike Fans on Childrens Day

e bike in china

It’s Children’s Day for kids today and it’s also a day for adults who always has a young and optimistic heart. F-wheel company catch this chance and starts its first forum for its beloved young and beautiful customers and fans today.   Since it’s the beginning of the forum, many places are not mature and need improvements. […]

Over 1 Thousand Members Are in Dyu Escooter Singapore Facebook Group

Dyu Escooter Singapore

There are already over 1 thousand members, exactly 1292 members in the Singapore DYU bike group, who talks about the DYU smart bike and make friends with other DYU ebike riders. They share the riding experience, hang out with each other and visit friends home with the convenient lightweight portable electric bike. They also help each […]

The Electric Bike is Legal or Illegal in City Streets? The Answer from the New York Mayor

electric bike legal or illegal

Is the electric bike legal? Some people may consider this question before purchasing the convenient smart bike. That depends where you’re, France, UK, USA, Singapore, Japan has its own different rules. Luckily, in most cities, like New York, London, Frankfurt, they are not illegal according to the latest news in the world. People are free to […]

F-wheel is Taking Part in the Hongkong Global Sources Electronics Fair

hongkong global source electronic fair 2

F-wheel is taking part in the Hongkong Global Source Electronic Fair.  Booth Number: 1C02 Date: 11th to14th April 2018 Exhibition Center: Asia World Expo Arena Contact: Nicole Tang Skype: nicoletang1225 Mobile: +86-18079131387 Wechat: +86-18079131387 Tele:  +86-1807913187 Hongkong Global Sources Electronics Fair The star product we’ll take there: DYU Smart Bike D2

F-Wheel DYU D1 Electric Bike Detailed Review – 2018 Latest & Objective Review

electric bikes for sale

An economical electric bike that you can’t resist. Spring is approaching and soon after, summer will come, seasons in which nature awakens giving us the bright colors of flowers and the intense scents of the earth. What better opportunity to stay outdoors and enjoy the most beautiful the world has to offer us and if […]

Fall in Love with DYU Smart Bike at First Sight – A Singapore Girl’s Beautiful Dream on the New E-scooter

elektrischer scooter dyu electric bike

Girls love beautiful, cute & tiny gadgets. They might not be interested in high tech stuff, but they must be interested in something that makes them look beautiful, elegant and stylish. A Singapore girl from Sg scooters & Falconpev sees the DYU bike in accidence and shows great affection on it that she even cannot release […]

The DYU Bike Sales Amount Sees a New Peak at the Beginning of the New Year

The need of DYU bikes from F-wheel company soars after the traditional Chinese new year vacation. After the long Spring Festival vocation in the winter, all the staff of DYU team get back to work again now and their business is going normal like before.  Luckily, the customers will see a brand new energic and […]

F-wheel Sponsors the Tencent and Alibaba Ex-staff Conference

In the Middle of January, F-wheel takes its products to the conference of Tencent and Alibaba as a sponsor.  Tencent is the best internet social app company that dominates the market in China for decades. While Alibaba is the best e-commerce company in China. Many customers of F-wheel may have heard about it before for doing business […]