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Why Should You Visit DYU Factory before Going to The 29th China International Bicycle Fair?


If you are a bike wholesale dealer or simply a bike enthusiast then you should visit the DYU factory before visiting the 29th China International Bicycle Fair. The 29th China International Bicycle fair is an international event that will host bicycle manufacturers from all around the world. And naturally, the first choice of many bike dealers would be […]

How to be a dealer of lightweight e scooters imported from China

dealer e scooter wholesale

With the incessant increase in price of gas, people are beginning to consider scooters as one of the most viable alternatives for non-long distance transportations. Scooters are eco-friendly, as they do not emit carbon dioxide or any other gas that disrupts the ecosystem.   Most people in China have understood the importance of environmental conservation; […]

Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of F-wheel

Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd,

Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd, is a subsidiary of F-wheel, has invested a large part of the money in building the top workshop and factory, expanding and developing the R &D team. And Shenzhen Counterbalance Technology Co.,Ltd handles the e bike manufacturing and marketing business mainly in Shenzhen, where the best manufacturing resources in China are concentrated. Shenzhen Counterbalance […]

Why DYU E-Bike is In Accordance with the Germany E-Bike Law

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Why DYU E-Bike is In Accordance with the Germany E-Bike Law After several years of debates and negotiations, Germany has finally passed a new law for bicycles and e-bikes. The new rules adapt to the current technological status quo and support people who ride a DYU E-Bike to participate in road traffic without additional certifications. […]

5 New Thoughts About E Bike Scooter That Will Turn Your World Upside Down


Nowadays many traveler and local guys are tending to this vehicle for saving time and keeping the environment fresh. An electric scooter is easily anywhere for its lighter weight compared to any other bikes. From the beginning everyone is focused to traveling in a safe manner as well as fast travelling For this purpose, many […]

What’s the Differences Between DYU D1, DYU D2, DYU D3, DYU D1F, DYU D2 plus ect.


DYU Smart Bike Ultimate Parameter Comparison Comparison – 2019 March You’ll see the difference between the following parameters of different models: DYU D1 Standard DYU D1 Deluxe DYU D1F DYU D2 DYU D2 plus DYU D2 F DYU D3 DYU D3F DYU D3F (with pedal) DYU A1F The following pdf is made by Robin from […]

DYU Electric Bike Factory Visit – Discover the Best Electric Bike Manufacturer in China

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Outside of the DYU smart bike factory. It’s clean, neat and well organized by DYU group. DYU electric bike testing room. Test the product and filter the faulty ones. DYU electric bike packaging area. Those products are packed up and ready to be shipped. DYU electric bike complete product parking area. Products were produced and […]

2019 Ebike Trends: Ebike Growth is Leaping Over the Years According to Google Trends

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According to google trends, ebike needs in Market is growing year after year and there will be a new historical peak for ebike in 2019. This industry has a bright future especially for the lightweight legal small watts and slow speed ebikes like DYU. The ebike industry is like rising star now and make sure […]

Does Lightweight Ebike Sell Good? Over 100,000 Sets DYU Electric Bikes Have Been Sold By 2019


Chinese new ebike standard is adventuring and many cities are putting the over standard electric bikes out of the marketing now. A great quantity of new design and standard ebikes starts showing on the market. However, some resellers are worrying about the speed & weight restricted bike and the new standard bike’s performance. Does the […]