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11-month-old Hoverboard Baby in Utah Become Famous


It’s surprising but a Utah 11-month-old rises to viral popularity as ‘The Hoverboard Child’ A Utah baby is going viral after displaying an uncommon feat for an 11-month-old– riding his moms and dads’ hoverboard. Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City stars in a collection of video clips published to YouTube by his moms and dads, […]

Smart Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter or Solo Wheel? Which is Better

Smart Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter or Solo Wheel? Which is Better

Electric two wheel scooter and one wheel become more and more popular nowadays. When we are in a self balancing vehicle store, should we buy a two wheel scooter or the electric one wheel? Here comes the question. Below are the main difference and comparison between this two kinds of people mover. 1. Electric Two […]

Self Balancing Scooter: An Unique Experience on F-wheel Hoverboard

With the recent advancements in technology, the inability to afford vehicles and motorcycles as well as the rising cost of fuel, most people are nowadays resorting to using scooters in most parts of the world especially in India. This is because self balancing scooters are cheap and can help them handle very many tasks efficiently […]

10 Great Tips toMaintain Your Smart Balance Scooter in Top Shape

Considerably less expensive than all the other means of transportation, Scooters are a wonderful and an extremely comfortable way of transportation. With scooters, you have the opportunity to travel freely around the city without being bound to the schedules of trains and metros. However, with this great opportunity comes great responsibility of maintaining the scooter. […]

Why does the Self Balancing Scooter/Hoverboard Industry Look to Further Increase

Amazon Issue and explosion issues of poor quality hoverboard in December have greatly shocked the self balancing scooter industry, this industry reshuffle started ahead of time. At this time, some people choose the sidelines, people hesitated and think if they should quit, when some people think this is a big opportunity, also some people worried about next year’s industry survival… In my opinion, hoveboard/self balancing scooter industry will not only […]

Collection of the Fake Hoverboard Buying Guides: Avoide to Buy a Useless Hoverboard


Hoveborad buying guide is everywhere now making it hard to choose a reliable hoverboard. Traps are everywhere to scheme you into purchasing a low quality self balancing board with the highest price. Top 10 Fake Hoverboard Buying Guide is listed here to escort you to the best hoverboard without stumbling upon the wrong ones. Number […]

7 Safety Tips to Free You From Hoverboard Explosion


Hoverboard hazard of explosion becomes an urgent. You do not own a hoverboard now, you are sleeping beside a bomb! We are providing your with some advice on How to deal with your precious hoverboard safely, how to have fun with the hoverboard with little danger and how to survive from its explosion. As a […]

New Products Brief and Hot Self Balancing Scooter News in November


Sorry for keeping our friends waiting for so long, and now a new great moment comes…. Keep on innovation and keep on manufacturing new products continuously when insuring the quality. This is the motto of F-wheel which makes F-wheel vigorous and welcomed by millions of people always. And now, let’s have a look at our new stars […]

Electric Scooters Becoming Popular Transportation

If you’re awake and not skipping class, chances are you’ve seen a new form of transportation across campus. Whether it be PhunkeeDucks, IO Hawks, Oxboards, AirBoards, Monorovers or hundreds of others, the self-balancing electric scooter has officially taken over as the latest trend in transportation technology. Countless celebrities rocked them on Instagram and Twitter, and […]

London Major Surfs with Popular Self Balancing Scooter Tide

If you live in London or another major city in the UK, you may have noticed a surprising number of people zooming by on a self-balancing board. While there used to just be one or two rather expensive options, you can now pick up a decent board for about £250 from F-wheel company. With a […]