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Three New Design Hoverboards Released by F-wheel

F-wheel company officially launched three new models of hoverboards on 26th June. Those three new hoverboards applied with most advanced and mature self-balancing technology represent the summit in the self balancing scooter field since the famous  Two Wheel Basic model  which was extremely hot in the last few months. Those these hoverboards including  QQ11 ,  […]

A New Way to Have Fun with Your Hoverboard


Interesting, you could never thought of that you can sit on the hoverboard and go smoothly. This time our dream comes true. It’s not an ancient solo wheel by manul power. Its a modern wheel on hoverboard. Then, how to use the hoverboard? only two steps: 1. Lay down your hoverboard on the flat groud. […]

A Prediction on What will Be the Next Fashion Trend after Hoverboard


Many electric unicycle fans got involved in the self balancing field in 2013. People dropped their jaw then wondering why the one wheel can run so fast when people stand straight upon it! Later, electric unicycle got into the eyes of more and more people during 2013 to 2015 and reached a peak in 2015 […]