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Jason says, “Amazingly, I met 2 happy DYU smart bike riders on one noisy street just like in New York. It’s the second time we met UK DYU bike riders. I come up to the riders and say Hello, then ask how do they feel about the ebike. They reply, ‘Really convenient and fast.’ However, they forgot about the key point — Trendy design. It doesn’t matter, men care less appearance than women. “

dyu bike

E bike community

However, to attract women, cool punks need chic and beautiful stuff, like DYU smart bike.

F-wheel CEO Liwei says,”We have been working on Elbike for practically a year now. We obtained the right makers this year. Now we seem like we could start going public as well as offer this on Taobao – a crowdfunding site like, Kickstarter for early adapters. Your support will certainly assist us to make the Elbike also better.

A DYU smart bike in a store

One risk still remains because we depend on our suppliers. If the providers are not satisfying their projected preparations for picked elements we could encounter timing concerns. Most of our providers have currently made dedications concerning quantities as well as lead times yet there is constantly a possibility of discrepancy, resulting in a total delay of manufacturing.”

F-wheel has an office in Shenzhen, manufacturing capacity reaches up to 1000 ebikes and hoverboards per day, always welcome dozens of visitors from UK, United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Korea and Japan and so on

An elegant, comfortable, light-weight city ebike readily available in high-step and also step-thru frame designs, select from light blue or black, as well as 3 sizes. Swept-back handlebar, ergonomic grasps, convenience saddle, fenders, and a mix chain guide plus cover deal.

Ride on DYU ebike, and show your most fancy and cool style. It’s the best time when we’re young. Click the picture below and another thrilling victory is waiting for you.

DYU Smart Bike D1

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