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This article is a real user reivew:

Dyu A1 is designed for urban youngsters as smart motorcycle, with beautiful youth fashion appearance.

This year, bike sharing is definitely a hot topic, just as the year to drop, fast car, led by the car, the competition is fierce. Whether you are on campus or in the street, you can see many brands of shared bikes everywhere, choose to use a few users, this is indeed convenient for our travel. However, there are many shortcomings shared bicycle, for example, more difficult to find a car, can not share bicycles anywhere, anytime, take the time to take a walk to find the car, then time-consuming and laborious; there is a common scene is shared bicycle ride experience Not necessarily ideal, but with the use of cycling, there will be some wear and tear, which greatly hurt the user experience. From these considerations, or having their own bike is more reliable.

Recently the author is very lucky to get the Jingdong crowded funding product experience right, this experience is the author’s long-awaited F wheel Dyu A1 folding bike. Dyu A1 is a high-end brand launched by F wheel, designed for urban youth as build intelligent motorcycles, it not only has a beautiful fashion appearance of youth, and with intelligent riding system, the real city youth comfortable ranging in the city’s streets. Here we take a look at this Dyu A1 what experience does it provides.

1. First seeing Dyu

This bike is transported by the Debon logistics over the outer packaging has a slight injury, but the impact is not large.

Opened the package, you can clearly see the bike, fold placed next to a foam buffer.

The initial to see this car A1 vehicle, giving the impression that is relatively small, fold up the place is small. Cycling is not very heavy, handling it is not very strenuous.

2. The appearance of the bike is simple and stylish, the body work design is excellent

Dyu A1 brand positioning in the high-end market, according to the official website of the introduction, divided into black and white three colors, I get the black models. Big fish A1 Chi-car frame of the whole body molding, the surface of the car-class paint technology, black body has a luster and a strong metallic color, feels more smooth touch. Very obvious big fish A1 Chile car frame beam than the traditional bike beam wider and thicker, which is why? In fact, because the big fish A1 as a power bike, built in the beam inside the 5.2AH LG high-density lithium battery. Overall look at the bike is not difficult to see that big fish A1 in the design of the pursuit of minimalism, take the simple parallel in the fashion line.

Dyu A1 wagon handlebar can be folded, height can also be adjusted, but the adjustment of the position of the bolt is fixed, adjust some trouble. This design should be easy to follow the folding design, suitable for different groups of people.

Dyu A1 is equipped with a disc with a screen, you can real-time display speed, mileage, vehicle life and other riding data, but also on the Dyu A1 bike can set five different power settings.

Dyu A1 seat height can be adjusted, just need to open the middle of the buckle can be adjusted up and down, and adjust the height of the oil scale to measure, if the bicycle into a different person riding, then only Remember the scale on your ruler. After adjusting the height of the basic seat to adapt to the height of 120-185cm range of people, it can be said to be suitable for most users.

Dyu A1 seat design is also more elegant, after a fine ergonomic design, contact area larger, moderate thickness, the use of leather material is relatively soft, feels very comfortable, after the author of this time and time experience, in the long ride Line can also maintain a good comfort.

Dyu A1 with 14-inch small wheel design, folded volume is very small. If it is simply an ordinary bicycle, the wheel is too small, and certainly more difficult when riding. The purpose of this design is a convenient folding, easy to carry; there is its own power system, to a certain extent make up for this shortcoming, so this bike is suitable for riding in the help. In the usual idle time, whether in the office or at home, take up the space is very small; when you travel, you can easily into the car trunk, the author with it out of the subway and the bus is also no pressure, Is indeed a suitable travel for the city a good player.

Dyu A1 car tire is used CST pneumatic tires, tire tires of this small, fast speed, riding is very smooth, more convenient inflatable. However, the general effect of the shock of the tire, there is no very cattle breaking the damping system, so the positioning is greater than A1 is in the city.

At the same time, with the 14-inch wheels are equipped with a V brake, like riding children’s shoes are sure to know, for small wheel bike, V brake brake enough, but will not lock, Disc brake more secure. I experience the process, the braking effect of satisfactory performance. They can also be equipped with a front and rear fender mud, so that after the rain in the water pavement can also be assured riding.

3. Three-step folding fast and simple

Dyu A1 Chi car folding operation is very simple, the vehicle has a total of six adjustable design, which is a major design highlight of the car. In the folding process, basically can be divided into three steps, the following one one for everyone to introduce.

The first step: the handlebar folded

The handlebar below the lock to break apart, and then naturally fold down.

Step 2: Adjust the seat to the lowest position

This step is also very simple, is to break off the seat under the lock, the seat can be adjusted to the lowest position.

The third step: folding beams

This step is to open the middle section of the frame beam folding lock, the way the pedal is also folded, and then fold the bike.

So easy to get the folding task to get. Is not that simple?

Through a simple three-step, you can make big fish A1 Chi traffic volume reduced by more than half (official data: folded area is only 0.12m), whether it is on the subway bus, or put the car trunk, will not account for too much space .

4. Life and power

Dyu A1 car is used in the hidden battery compartment design, the battery is located in the beam before the cross tube, the battery capacity of 5200mAh. Big fish A1 charging port design is very subtle, in the frame at the bottom of the folding beam, and a dust cover design. After the author’s test, the charging time takes about 3 hours full, fast-charging rampant in the present era, the charging speed is too slow.

The Dyu A1 is a 250W high speed brushless motor with a higher speed, smaller moments of inertia, faster acceleration, and greater torque. At the same time, with excellent power output at the same time, through the design of more advanced internal transmission system and the use of low-energy materials, motor lightweight, small size, low noise, riding more energy efficient.

There is also a very large feature is the size of the motor is very small, installed in the rear wheel hub, I believe many people do not see this is a motor.

5. Comprehensive use experience can meet the daily needs

I have been working in Beijing, the bus subway is indeed very developed and very convenient, but the daily work of travel have to take a lot of road, sometimes tired from get off work, it is really uncomfortable. I began to consider buying a millet on the 9th balance car such a self-balancing car contemporary step, after all, the price is not very high, easy to carry, Zainai this year, the introduction of a prohibition of balancing cars on the road provisions. With the prevalence of shared bicycles, the author used to share Mo Bi cycle and other bicycle travel, to a certain extent, a lot easier. But the time to work is still often encountered difficulties in finding a car, the weekend is not a good time to play car. Since recently got the bicycle, greatly improved my living efficiency.

Just get this bike when the first feeling is that it feels relatively small, especially the wheels, feeling a ride is more strenuous, the second is running will be very slow. Experience, found that the bike ride is relatively brisk, plus electric power, this “hybrid” cycling long-distance cycling, climbing riding effortlessly (I height 175cm, weight 65kg ), Easy to climb in the climbing more stable, stable in the power output and riding convenience is absolutely qualified.

There is also a Dyu A1 is the use of DTST sensor technology, a five-speed riding mode can choose, in the usual riding can be adjusted according to their own hobbies. Weekend to go out to play, I like to transfer to help economic stalls or assistant balance file, by the way about bones.

The above also mentioned the battery life, the author in daily use, the average charge one or two times a week, still can. If you do not have the elevator, then move the bike all day, or a little strenuous, although it has done very light, but 13.6KG up and down the stairs to move up or very strenuous.

The two bicycles in the purchase when the standard is not attached to the mud tile, if the regular ride, it is recommended with the same, with a pair. And if you like some of the weekend trip, you can then equipped with a mobile phone support, easy navigation. Oh, yes, the bicycle code is very large very clear, can always see the speed, transfer stalls and so on.

6. Experience summary

The Dyu A1 provides a more stylish and convenient means of transporting the city. It has the compact and portable nature of folding bicycles and the “hybrid” mode that can be adjusted to solve the problem of urban transportation. . As a city in the office workers, whether subway, public transport, or private cars, need to solve a short distance travel tools, both save time and avoid the crowded. Small folding car can be three-step rapid folding, small footprint.

The author during this period of experience, on the whole is very satisfactory, the appearance is very beautiful, riding is also very easy. If the need to improve what areas, where the author also mentioned that the weight of the day is still not as good as light weight balance, handling some difficulties, of course, this is a bit picky; but the charging speed can be further enhanced; Third, the use of the After a period of time found that the individual body part of the phenomenon of Diaoqi. Hope that the future can continue to improve.

PS: This article is written by a Beijing user, and the translation is not very precise.

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