Combining the Spirit and Concept, F wheel Company Created the New Era for the Electric Self—Balancing Scooter

Combining the Spirit and Concept, F wheel Company Created the New Era for the Electric Self—Balancing Scooter
Portable transport technologies are gradually spreading its wing with the passage of time. Every old technology is replaced within months of installation owing to the emergence of a better one. Flexible and adaptable technologies succeed the old and obsolete technology. One of the better examples could be the electric self-balancing unicycles and scooters from F wheelTechnology. The tech company is one of the widely recognised players in global portable intelligent transport industry. F wheelmoves forward with consistent upgrade of its customer-oriented design and development concept in portable intelligent transport.

These new generation vehicles are designed to be lighter, portable and space-saving. Such a modern commuting aid is electricity-powered with a lithium battery inside and is environmental friendly. One-wheeled scooter ensures a safe and secure steering experience for users. It is equipped with dust-free, water-proof and dropping-free hi-tech LED panel. There is a maximum speed limit in these vehicles to avoid accidents and mishaps. As soon as battery level falls below a certain level, lights may start to blink. It ensures the user won’t suffer an immediate loss of power.

Brand core value
F wheel focuses on the safety,duration and humanization of the design of the electric scooter. The company bring more comfortable experience to consumers with various ergonomically advanced products. The F wheel self-balancing scooter with various types and models satisfies consumers of different needs. The series product like the R5 all wins warm praise from customers. The F wheel offers consumers the most comfortable joy of riding through the fashionable appearance, well selected materials and practical function design.

Brand Spirit
Innovation and outstanding designs are always the trump card for the electric self-balancing scooter company to win among the peer companies in industry. F wheel is not only the adventurer in technology innovation but also the believer of nature. Therefore the company insist on innovation and environment friendly. What is more,the company also implements this kind of concept all through the processes of design,research—develop,producing and marking. F wheel firmly believe that for the consumer, portable intelligent transportation is not just a technology product but more to be the tie to bridge the gap between human and nature.

Service philosophy
The founder of Fwheel technology, Mr Liwei once said that scooters are not just for the nobility for fun,it belongs to the public. We should wipe out the extravagant and the showy part and keep the practical functions to the fullest. Insisting on this kind of innovation in technology and service which embedded in the internal management and external service, F wheel has been playing the role of leader and servant for the consumers. In order to deepen and improve the concept of excellent service, the company signed the agreement with Ping An Insurance. Every individual vehicle from F wheel will be under insurance of Ping An Insurance. The aggregate limit of indemnity would reach 10 million which is very generous insurance for every consumer.

F wheel Technology was established in 2003. Since the electric self—balancing scooter came into the market, it soon became the industry standard. What is more,F wheel also prove its ability through the remarkable international sales performance and huge sales volume that break the industry record every year.

The self-balancing unicycles of F wheel adopt the latest technology that includes the implementation of gyroscope and the aviation control mechanism, which make these self-balancing scooters safer as well as easier to control. One can simply lean forward to increase the speed of the unicycle while by moving the body backward can slow down the speed. This way, one can control the movement of the unicycle and can travel at a desired pace.

Lighter in weight and compact in design, the F wheel self-balancing unicycles and scooters are becoming hugely popular. People can easily learn the tricks of riding an F wheel electric unicycle and can use it for their personal transportation because these self-balancing products are designed to be safe and easy to keep balance. Riding an F wheel unicycle is pretty similar to riding a bicycle and one can easily learn to achieve a self-balance while rolling on a single-wheeled unicycle. The unicycles can move at a faster pace.

The device requires minimum balancing skills, so you never have to worry about learning process. Besides, there are a variety of learning resources available online that explains how one can use a self-balancing electric unicycle to travel safely and with fun. People can also gain from other users’ personal experiences and how they are using an F wheel vehicle for their personal transportation. With a host of adorable features, F wheel self-balancing scooters and unicycles are soon going to replace the traditional modes of transportation.

Personal transporter of the new century
Below is the share from our customer
Abstract: Small in size yet powerful in travel range, the F wheel R3 is a new personal transporter that can free you from traffic congestions and give you additional riding fun.

It has been five years since I graduated from university. In 5 years, catching buses for work becomes my daily routine, which I’m fed up with. What the most disturbing is not the crammed buses, but the traffic jams. Sometimes, the bus would be stuck in the traffic and the normally 15-minute drive would cost more than half an hour. It would be so annoying especially when you are running out of time and you are going to be late for work.
One day when I was strolling in the street and I came across a little round device that looks literally like a unicycle without a saddle. The rider can stand on the pedals at each side of the wheel and the wheel just gets going. Later I learned from the shopkeeper that the device is called F wheel R5.It is electric powered unicycle that is based on gyro technology to keep balance. The shopkeeper said the Fwheel R5 as a one-wheeled electric scooter boasts many advantages against traditional vehicles, and is considered the next generation of personal transporter.

After I was back home, I googled the F wheel R5 and found out that this electric scooter was a popular model produced by the F wheel company. The device is lightweight and durable. There are leg pads on each side of the chassis that protect rider’s shins from getting bruised. In addition, the electric scooter is fitted with an original lithium battery core which is highly rechargeable and the battery life is three times longer than an ordinary one.
The F wheel R5 made me excited. I figured that it would be really great and helpful if I could scoot it to work, because I would never have to worry about traffic jams. Not only for commute, the scooter could also be used as workout gear. I made my decision to buy one the next day when I saw it.

F wheel Technology is a little over a decade old company manufacturing and selling self-balancing electric unicycles and scooters. It has long-term professional relationships with global giants like Google, Sony, Panasonic and Qualcomm.

These scooters and unicycles can be used by people of different ages. There is high-quality audio system installed for users to enjoy music on the ride as per their preference. Integrated intelligence chip and wireless chip are user-friendly, flexible, and consume limited energy. The multipurpose scooters and unicycles have managed to grab the attention of several top notch companies since their arrival.

Transportation industry has witnessed growth throughout the years with constant research and development. New and better technologies have emerged to strike a balance between science and nature. One of the newly developed intelligent transport is the F wheel-series product. The US-based company is involved in research and development of electric unicycle products. This F wheel technology was established by a team of enthusiastic people trying to reshape the world through edged technology. It has managed to create a global impact on the minds of people.

The self-balancing unicycle comes with a range of functionalities suitable for various transport purposes. These are comfortable enough to carry into bus, office, school and subway for facilitating regular commuters. It is made of premium quality polished plastic casing underlined by premium texture crafted with special technique. The high quality casing comes with enhanced strength, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion. It ensures agile response and smoother operation at every step. There are strong lithium batteries and the ride can be enjoyed thoroughly without worrying about safety.

As an intelligent personal gadget, the F wheel is a combination of personal transport and recreation device that is both environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. The F wheel as a leading brand in global intelligent electric scooter market, has always been committed to providing customers with the top-quality and cutting-edge self-balancing products. Presently, the flourishing F wheel is blazing a path to a bigger international market. If you are a gadget geek or interested in green transport, you can’t miss the chance to try the F wheel for yourself.

Riding electric unicycles is becoming a trend worldwide and is considered a green commute style in the face of deteriorating environment. A self-balancing electric unicycle adopts the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control all these movements with ease. This expertise can be had within a couple of days. It is a nice ride that helps in keeping the world greener. According to F wheel staff, “If you stay close to your place of work, it makes sense to use our self-balancing scooter or monocycle. It is a much healthier alternative to other motor vehicles. The ease with which it can be balanced and maneuvered is a feature which all our customers talk about. There are many features in the products using which you can control your speed, tilt as required and take turns without any issues. Know more about the company and its ideals at our website mentioned below.”

The F wheelR3 is a flagship product from the US tech firm which provides a flawless steering experience. It comes with a well sealed circuit board and is completely resistant to rainy and muddy conditions. This intelligent electric unicyclefeatures anti-corrosion design at the back side of handlebar for minimizing impact of collisions and scratches. Emphasis is given in terms of size of each part and curve for delivering dynamic exterior look. The safety measures include anti-overvoltage, anti-overheat and anti-overcurrent. It gets easier to stay away from traffic jams and steer at a distance without any obstruction.

F wheelself-balancing scooters are fitted with latest aviation aluminium pedal that features level I hardness and greater duration. Moreover, it is also fabricated into frost brushed surface due to the presence of latest processing technique. The dipping power levels are recognized and the user is activated on this aspect with buzzer, lights and beeps. This vehicle has a control system which prevents the users from accidents and mishaps owing to its unique functioning.

There is no denying that self-balancing unicycle products have already attracted a fair amount of buyers. These low maintenance products can be recharged every two months by a non regular user for maintaining the battery life. It comes with a maximum speed limit to prevent unnecessary speeding, accidents and mishaps. There is an independently developed motor drive board on the technological front. The user will not suffer a sudden loss of power and fall over for the machine has plenty of indicators.

These unicycles and scooters are powered by advanced processors capable of processing 1024 flops per second. Riders have full control to move forward, accelerate, brake and decelerate by simple leaning forward or backward. Some of these vehicles are so portable that they can fit inside a trunk which saves a lot of space.

There are many electric unicycle products to choose from with high end functionalities. They have distinctive looks which is already highlighted by unique carbon fibre pattern. There is built-in intelligent balancing chip for maintaining a balance. Thus, escorting the way through aviation attitude control technique and fuzzy algorithm is easier here. It has authentic Japan made lithium battery inside which has up to 3.8 times life expectancy and duration. Beating a tight schedule is quite easy and there is no fear of missing any deadline.

The F wheel R3 is a trendy one-wheel self-balancing electric scooter providing a great riding experience. It is powered by leading core technology and serves as an ideal commuting alternative. The environmentally-friendly and portable vehicle is designed to be space saving for the users. It is mounted by 130 W battery core and optimized by a CPU power saving design. The low carbon, dynamic and fresh design concept weaves throughout the manufacturing steps and product details. A portable and pleasant riding experience is guaranteed with these flexible machines.


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