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electric unicycle

electric one wheel

self balancing unicycle

one wheel scooter
one wheel scooter
self balancing scooter

Certificate of honor certificate of honor
Glory Honor
Certainly in the past Looking to the future Affirm the past & Prospect the future

2014 responsibility brand of the year for 2014 car of the year award for best partner journey
Certificate of Certificate
Relying on the strength value Rely on our strength and Realize the value

CE certification
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Social Influence Social Influence
Leadership inspection Leader Inspections

Henan provincial party committee deputy secretary Michael Dunne, vice governor xu, party secretary of henan province department of Huang Buyi to company inspection
Understand the flywheel will product

Air-defence unit of the Chinese people’s liberation army command college leadership inspection association for science and technology of henan province party secretary Cai Yongli in
Experience the flywheel will product

Henan province department of policies and regulations is taller billiton inspection

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Brand Activities Brand Activities
The flywheel will become an international marathon long-term strategic partner

Marathon champion for flywheel will powered unicycle flywheel zheng will open international marathon strategic partner

2014 open international marathon activities in 2015, zheng zheng international marathon

Cosplay interesting ride

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Brand Activities Brand Activities

In 2014 in Hong Kong international electronics fair in 2015 Canton fair import and export commodities fair (China)

Flywheel will joint geely automobile exhibition flywheel will boost the phoenix the zhengzhou international auto show linear accelerator

The flywheel will cooperate with mei desai, mercedes-benz
Media reports

CCTV flywheel will founder li wei henan business card interview broadcast television central plains

German television RTL flywheel will experience store in Paris, France, global times interview flywheel will founder

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Social Responsibility Social Responsibility
In December 2014, the flywheel will open the “dream weavers of students Warm clothes as a “public interest action, tens of thousands of yuan of cotton-padded clothes and bags, as well as a large number of popular science books, donations worth hundreds of thousands of flywheel will balance the car.

Lee and poor families xingyang school left-behind children contribute photo company personnel with stones in the primary school students

Li li group photo with the valley village primary school students to donate for the orphanage children wearing a scarf

Li li group photo with fat depression elementary school students to donate and welfare home orphan children

Lee and pan city village elementary school students.Li issue clothes for poor students

Students in the experience product donations in experience product donations

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The r&d team Research
Innovation of science and technology to surpass oneself
Innovation technology.Transcend ourselves

The flywheel will people believe that technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

Scientific management system and high-quality research and development team, a world-class equipment is the basic guarantee of the product development.

Flywheel will after years of development, establish a complete set of scientific, perfect research and development system, has a highly educated, senior industry research and development team, guarantee the reliability of the new product development, scientific, practical, and bring a better product experience for the user.

The core members of our team
Name age position school work experience and achievements
Li wei and CEO of the Yellow River university of science and technology company is one of the sponsors, hold the balance of the automatic unicycle invention patent and so on
Zhang Huisha 33 research and development company is one of the sponsors, vice President of guangdong university of technology, 8 years relative working experience in mechanical automation, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a senior r&d engineers
Bottom vibration of 27 r&d engineers in Shanghai jiaotong university, master of mechanical engineering, one of the double rotor motor related patent inventor
Yao-zhong zhang 27 r&d engineers master power machinery and engineering, south China university of technology, key laboratory of guangzhou research institute of guangdong province before engine engineer
Mr Zhang 26 r&d engineers bright young master’s light industry technology and engineering, wuhan university
Kwok keung 26 hardware engineer of jiangxi normal university of science and technology electronic engineering graduates
Farahbod Mohammadi 31 development consultant Dr Malaysia university of science and technology, Ph.D., the power number of relevant books publication

(the following a two position and two dedicated research and development consultant need to put a picture and brief description)

The Production workshop Production workshop
The advanced scientific management of production
The Advanced production management

High demand of production management, strict quality testing, to provide users with the most perfect and safe products.
Product series Product series
Elaborate casting of perfection
Carefully cast the perfect present
Dolphin Dolphin Series One Series
Amazing dolphin Shock the world works
15 major scientific and technological innovation is the escort you

Stealth rod
This design can realize the function of the hidden convenient pull rod, and will not affect product aesthetic feeling.When you go to the supermarket or mall, or a traffic jam, can you spare me a contact rod, free to promote walking.And when can put contact rod to back when not in use.

Contact support
Today most of the unicycle is on the ground or leaning against the wall when not in use, this can cause some problems.But now you can call at any time, any place unicycle, because dolphins series products.

The unique private custom atmosphere lamp
Unique atmosphere lamp, let dolphin looks more beautiful, can lighting for a long time, also can flicker, etc.Vehicle headlamps can makes it safe to travel at night.It can be controlled by mechanical switch or a mobile phone APP.

The LED head lamp design
The car headlamps to become safe when you travel in the night.

Unique digital capacity display function
Power through the digital display, more intuitive, clear.At the same time, the battery can be display in the phone APP.

Le dynamic and happy always
Bluetooth power amplifier unit, data synchronous transmission, make you in any place, any time, any place to enjoy music.

Leather pads design
We use high quality cowhide and EVA soft cotton, so riding or brake are simple.It can protect your ankle and calf.

Human body engineering casting pedal design
The design goes beyond traditional aluminum extrusion, effectively ensure the safety of the user, without risk of scratches or abrasions, make you more comfortable when riding.

Smartphone control, travel easier
Bluetooth power amplifier unit, data synchronous transmission.The user can through the phone APP and play music and setting up the unicycle parameters.
Product parameters comparison chart
Product type FL – D1 FL – D3 FL – D5
20 to 35 to 45 miles (kilometers)
Maximum loading capacity (kg) 130 130 130
Maximum climbing (20 30 °) 32
The highest speed (km/h) 18 of 20 to 25
Battery capacity, 147, 295, 388
Limit speed (km/h) 13 App App control
Charging time (minutes) 60, 120, 150
Charging voltage (AC v) 100-240, 100-240, 100-100
The mainboard version 5.0 FL 5.1 FL 5.1 FL
16 16 tire size 16
Advantage 1. The style of the stealth smoke rod (1) the style of the stealth smoke rod 1. Stealth smoke lever style
2. Digital power percentage shows 2. Digital power percentage shows 2. Digital power percentage display
3. LED taillights, atmosphere lamp 3. LED taillights, atmosphere lamp 3. LED taillights, atmosphere lamp
4. Double USB port 4. Double USB port 4. Double USB port
5. SONY panasonic battery 5. Import SONY panasonic battery 5. Import SONY panasonic battery
6. Leather pads 6. Leather pads 6. Leather pads
7. Human body engineering die-casting step 7. Human body engineering die-casting step 7. Human body engineering die-casting pedal
8. Bluetooth music player 8. Bluetooth music player
9. Smartphone applications 9. Smartphone applications
10. Contact support

Red Rabbit Series Red Rabbit Series
New red rabbit yue endless
Brand new Red Rabbit;Endless happiness
Red rabbit design inspiration from the saddle, the appearance of sophisticated portable, simple but not simple, according to the needs of different people, provide all kinds of meet the function of the application.

Design of miao (mainly show appearance)
Red rabbit appearance using clever special matte texture, high strength and not dazzling, luxury and a low profile.Amazing at the same time;Shell, strong, and as light as a feather, to bring you a wonderful riding experience.
The dynamic Has never been so full
Red rabbit series pedal space aluminum magnesium material, perfect for cutting;Be attached to the onboard high dense grain special anti-skid pads, incredibly perfect and comfortable.Once started, both of body and mind will indulge.

Smart APP human-computer interaction
Dashboard, free control of motor speed, speed, combination lock, a key cloud flash (update to the latest firmware program) and so on function, like in a

More extended infinite possibility
Red rabbit with unprecedented one-stop multi-functional extension interface, tie rod, seat, subsequent more possibilities
Rod seat Their own highly controlled by you

The expansion of the unusual way
Red rabbit adopt new USB interface, your car is the mobile phone mobile charging treasure.

Avoid teardown replacement battery
More Easy switching function, need to open the side doors, car instant full charge on the road, faster and more convenient.

Intelligent battery control system
Advanced battery technology and PID control and management of combined genetic algorithm (ga), which can realize zero power, avoid the risk of planking.
Q Series of Q Series
Classic style charm Classic charm

Classic charm still can’t stop, still contracted, still pure.

Q series is the flywheel of the first series of products, is one of the pioneers of one-wheel domestic products, to witness the balanced car emergence, development and rise in the country.

Q series of simple and comfortable meet the demand of all kinds of cycling
The embodiment of the quality is the pursuit of detail, stainless steel metal switch, charging interface, fashion, the atmosphere, long service life.Battery indicator closed isolation, waterproof, prevent leakage, short circuit protection system normal operation.

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