Convenient Travel with F-wheel Dolphin Electric Monocycle


Abstract: Since the birth of the F wheel self balancing vehicle, a new kind of travel means have been invented to satisfy the mass customers. However, F-wheel has not stopped satisfied by now with its classic products. The following Splendid Version and Simplified Version Rabbit has come out to meet the customers.

As the leader of second generation electric unicycle, it is not only outstanding in function, but also opened a new generation of electric unicycle application. Dolphin one is a heavy bomb dropped by F wheel. Only the search of this product has cost the offcial team of F-wheel one year. Its stylish appperance, simple but exquisite line, strong comprehensive function has draw the eyes of millions of global self balancing vehicle enthusiasts, and after its apperance on the market, it subverts the whole layout of the electric monocycle market. The front led light, right light around the vehicle, portable drawbar and high resolution liquid display screen, blue tooth App control and wireless  acoustics speaker are the unique design of F wheel.

Recently, the fourth Chinese financial summit held in Beijing in 2015 themes as the Enterprise wit and innovation exploration in new situation has been held in Beijing. And the summit has become the most influencial platform in Chinese economy field. The electric unicycle industrial leader F wheel has won the fouth China financial summit 2015 Industrial Most Influencial Brand Prize.

China financial summit has been established in 2012, and it’s one of the most influencial thinking party in China. It is the a large platform built by a dozen of domestic medias dedicating to converge and share the commercial intelligence and pass the marin commercial value. F wheel has been nominated and awarded the Most influencial brand in 2015. As the leader of domestic self balancing vehicle in the field, this honor is not only the confirmation to F-wheels pass work. Intelligence, Fashion and Life is the position of its product. And it concentrate on the green intelligent short trip transporting tool innovation.

Besides that, F wheel CEO Li Wei as the represent of electric self balancing vehicle inductry in 2015 who has talked with the minister of national science and technology department minister, will spare no effort to devote himself to the development of green intelligent technology, making great contrabution to the development of the domesticself balancing vehicle regulation.


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