Did You Have Fun with the Self Balancing Scooter By Now


Self balancing scooter is a new invention recently and get popular in short time. Some people who haven’t tried this may wonder why it is so welcomed. Let me tell you more about the reasons. By the way, if you haven’t got the self balancing scooter by now, don’t hesistate to own one because so many super stars like Justin Biber and Chrisbrown and so on have already got one and had fun with it. It is really the new fashion trend in 2015!

Let’s have a look at the this video first, because I am not American so I don’t know her, maybe she was a famous women because she has lots of followers and good comments on her facebook. I also liked her on facebook. The most shining part except her might be her two wheel mini electric standing skateboard. This skateboard is special one that you might have never seen.

Mini electric standing skateboard has manay advantages:
Match at the circumstance of traffic jam
The traffic jam is the most annoying problem to any motorist. When they run up against the jam on the roadway, they have to wait for hours. Therefore, that well explains why those driving to work are always late for work. At the same time, apart from the waste of time, the exhaust whilst waiting is seriously air-polluting. F-wheel?intelligent self-balancing scooter?is the opposite. Its small size enables it to weave through the crowded traffic even if in the most crowded roadway in rush hour. The scooter rider never experiences the waste of time caused by traffic jam. When the traffic congestion happens to the scooter rider, he could easily thread his way through the crowed.

Match at size
More often than not, four people including the driver can fit a car. It boasts its large capacity. But just because of its large capacity, it is must be large in size. F-wheel scooter is very tiny compared with the private car. One can easily carry it into office, onto the bus and metro.

Match at cost
The private car is a kind of petrol-fuelled vehicle. Nowadays, the price of petrol is quite high. It costs nearly one per 1 km. As a common office commuter, one thousand has to go on the cost of petrol. This fee means a lot to a common office commuter, so the price is not sniffed at. At the very thought of this, every scooter rider might feel gleeful, for F-wheel scooter is rather cost-effective. In Europe, it costs 0.5 euro on a full charge. And a full charge offers the range of up to 40 km. The cost is early insignificant.

Through the three match, it is believable to draw a final conclusion as to which one is better.

More and more people start to enjoy new ways to travel when accepting all kinds of new ways. Here are some examples below.

elriedisminisegwaymonoroverhoverboardCustomized Traveling
In modern times, people have various needs on travelling. If you are a fan of unique and trilling traveling, you may go on an animal hunting which consists of training, practice and prey processing. If you prefer comfortable traveling, you can have a wellness trip by enjoying customized medical services like massages, herbal cuisines and herbal tea.
Helicopter Sightseeing
As low altitude flight is permitted, more and more cities launch helicopter sightseeing programs for consumers. Customers are able to sit in the helicopter and overlook the mountains, skyscrapers and rivers from the high. Fabulous experience as it is, the price is normally too high for ordinary people to afford. So this way of traveling is basically for the rich.
F-wheel Scooter Riding
Unlike helicopter, electric scooter is far more affordable and favored by youngsters. Also, riding the high-tech scooter, riders will easily become the limelight of the public while enjoying the beautiful scenery alongside. However, since the scooter is a new type of vehicle, it is very important to choose one reliable brand with top quality and good price. To fulfill that need, F-wheel provides the consumers with their dream?self-balancing scooter–cool, low-carbon, intelligent and safe. Most importantly, it has a most reasonable price in the market.
F-wheel?intelligent electric unicycle, equipped with the most advanced intelligent system, achieves self-balancing by adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. The riders can go forward, speed up, stop and operate the braking lights by leaning forward or backward. Also, since the vehicle is mounted with the most endurable rubber tires, ensuring the safety of riders to the greatest extent. Apart from that, the scooter, powered by electricity, generates zero gas emissions and little noise during the ride, which will help contribute to the environmental protection.

One of our dear customer said,”My self-balancing scooter is produced by F-wheel, with good quality and performance. I like the word “F-wheel” so I bought it. As to F I first think of being fast and fancy and fantastic, you can say that I am a girl full of imagination. However this wheel really brought me this feeling. I am lucky to own the hover board produced by F-wheel. My friends had bought this two wheel skateboard with higher price and lower quality, her monorover even has no light on it, I do show some sympathy on her. What’s more, when I am on my self balancing two wheel scooter on the party, all my friends almost dropped their eyes when saw it and promptly asked for trying my new gadget. I am surely the star on the party show. I will try the dolphin one electric unicycle scooter next month.”