Does F-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Save the Planet

Does F-wheel Self Balancing Scooter Save the Planet

What can we do with the electric unicycle produced by F-wheel. And why do we purchase this special electric unicycle? Now, the expert in this field will give you some good points about this. First at all, it really saves the planet and environmental friendly. May you realize the reason to buy the electric unicycle after this detail introduction.

Does the Electric Unicycle or the Self Balancing Scooter Saves the Planet

This ultimate self-balancing unit is not only portable, but it is environmentally friendly and completely hands free to operate. Light weight, convenient and easily controllable. The Self Balancing Air Wheel can be taken to the office, restaurant, local shops, airports or even the subway. The built in carry handle, makes getting up and down steps very easy and can simply be stowed away anytime necessary.

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Similar to the Electric Car, the F-wheel self-balancing unicycle transportation device is the cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using a car for any short distance journeys. The device regenerates energy back into the battery, when going downhill or slowing down, just like an eco car. Easy to use, efficient and fun!

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High elastic cow leather plate makes the F-wheel soft, flexible and comfortable against the user’s legs. Also creating a very durable and easy to clean exterior. The small details really have been thought about with this fantastic unit. Strong, precision aluminium pedals, with anti-slide grips easily fold up or down for use or storage.

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Our pro riders team are available for any event. Our team are dedicated to give you the event of a lifetime, custom F-wheel units are available. Simply contact us with your event plans.

Not only is F-wheel fun, it saves the planet! The super fast charge, gives users multiple miles, being a great replacement for cars, motorbikes and other fuel dependant machines. Join the future and lets keep our planet clean. The foldable device can easily be carried around and stowed away in a small compartment. We need your support to make a difference, every little helps. Share our page, give us a like or contact for more information.

The F-wheel have the original inventor working on our side. Providing the latest and most efficient technology on the market. The F-wheel provide some of the most comprehensive and extensive range of single and multi wheel units, each offering an incredible specification. You won’t find this anywhere else. We hold certificates and patents, with many more developments in the pipeline, keeping F-wheel the most exciting and popular product of it’s kind. Please do be wary of fakes/ counterfeit sellers as we cannot be held responsible for unfit products purchased from Amazon, eBay etc… Parts on the F-wheel are easily replaced, directly from our shop. So if you do go hard with your unit and need a new case, pedal, battery, tyre, tube or charger, we will replace it. We provide each unit with a full warranty as standard.

F-wheel pride ourselves on extremely high levels of service and provide only the best quality products on the market at an affordable price. F-wheel’s contain the latest gyro technology on the market, making them safe and easy to use. The unit’s are practically silent, powerful up hills and can tackle multiple terrains.

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F-wheel offer warranty on all the F-wheel products, giving our customers full peace of mind and confidence. All F-wheel purchases are sent out on a secure next day delivery option for all orders within the UK, with full tracking details.

Try before you buy!, we have our units available to try and buy in supermarket. They can be found in most places in the world.

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The gyroscope means the spinning wheels are axle-free, so they can move in any direction while also keeping the device constantly balanced.
For those who think that walking to the office is too much work, Chinese company F-wheel has come up with a solution.
It is called the F-wheel, and is a new take on the unicycle, giving the impression of users gliding smoothly over the ground.

Users stand on pedals either side of a single, upright wheel and steer by shifting their body weight from side to side using a technology similar to the Segway.
The device can be ridden for approximately nine miles, at 10 miles per hour.
The F-wheel costs about $400 and is available on alibaba. Consulting by email or telephone is also the best choice. Our warm service personnel will give you the most fast and effective response.


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