Does Lightweight Ebike Sell Good? Over 100,000 Sets DYU Electric Bikes Have Been Sold By 2019


Chinese new ebike standard is adventuring and many cities are putting the over standard electric bikes out of the marketing now. A great quantity of new design and standard ebikes starts showing on the market. However, some resellers are worrying about the speed & weight restricted bike and the new standard bike’s performance. Does the new standard electric bicycle really have a good market?

The answer is yes. A new design lightweight ebike has great sales amount, and its sales amount is not small – over 100,000 has been sold. This new ebike is branded as DYU. Why can DYU smart bike stand out among the numerous brands in the market and become a big black horse in the current new national standard market?

F-wheel Has Obtained the Certificate of National Intellectual Property Management System

PS: Chinese new ebike standard – The cycles that meet these requirements as below 25km/h with pedals (which affect two-wheeled bikes but also tandems and tricycles) can be ridden on any cycle paths and anywhere else that bikes are normally allowed, it is like the law in UK.

DYU Smart Bike has Passed the 3C certification, Its Quality is Ensured for Wholesalers

As a cutting-edge brand of smart mini-electric bike in China, DYU strictly abides by the regulations of the national industry, has successfully passed the certification of China’s compulsory products, and has taken the lead in the 3C compulsory certification of the electric vehicle industry, which fully reflects the leading position of DYU in the micro-electric bike industry, and also fully confirms the national recognition and affirmation of DYU commuting tool products!

certified bike

Following the national 3C certification, not long ago Kunming Province announced the first batch of products in line with the safety technical specifications of electric bicycles, DYU brand is in the list! For distributors, safe and legal products are the best tools to open up the market.

enacted electric vehicle laws

Over 500 Franchisers and Over 1000 Channel Merchants are Fully Covered by DYU Ebike

After two years of rapid development, DYU has developed over 500 franchisees and 1000 selling channels. Unlike the traditional sales mode of electric bike stores, the sales channels of DYU bike are flexible and changeable. In 2019, DYU team will also make greater breakthroughs in the channels and achieves closer cooperation with distributors.

In addition to having a very high brand awareness and market share in the domestic market, DYU has been exported to more than 50 countries around the world (the United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, etc.) and has set up R&D operation centers in Singapore. Fans of DYU have also set up clubs in various places. World Wides Thousand City Riding activities are held every year, its brand influencing power is gigantic.

singapore riding event operation center establishment

The Establishment of Singapore National Operating Center and the First Cycling Event Stop in the World’s 100 Cities

About DYU ebike

DYU Bike is a series of intelligent bicycles developed by F-wheel & the DYU team in Silicon Valley, USA. The DTST Intelligent Bicycle System (DYU Torque Sensing Technology) developed by F-wheel as an international innovative technology company. F-wheel will take the lead in introducing the finished intelligent bicycle carrying this technology in China. It is named as the ebike that understands young people, aiming to make travel easier and freer.

DYU is the representative of smart mini-electric vehicle. Liu Shasha, the world champion nine-ball billiard queen, serves as the DYU cycling ambassador, aiming to provide the middle class with its second generation vehicle!

The Middle Class as the Target Market Which Has Strong Purchasing Ability

Some people ask, what is the difference between DYU smart bike and the traditional electric bikes in essence? Mr. Li Wei, the founder, told us the secret.
First: DYU is the pioneer of smart mini electric bikes. Its initiative is to provide the middle class with its second commuting vehicle.
Second: target users are not the same group. Most of the users of traditional electric vehicles are low-income people, paying attention to practicality, while most of the users who buy DYU smart bike are middle class, have cars, and have strong purchasing power!

Li Wei, founder and CEO of DYU

Its portrait of the brand users precisely and clearly is aimed at the middle class at the beginning of the brand establishment, which made this new product popular rapidly across the country. Of course, DYU breaks the traditional design concept of electric bike appearance, and is also an important reason for harvesting a large group of fans!

The body of DYU bike is smooth, beautiful and dynamic. It allows you to shuttle freely like a fish. It can be folded easily and put into office, house corner, car trunk and other places. It is so convenient. Who can not love it?

rad power bikes

So, why does DYU bike become a new national standard bike with over 100,000 sales? Everything is reasonable for observing the facts above.
For dealers, the quality of products and the strength of enterprises is an important benchmark to consider the brand; for electric vehicle enterprises, only by solving the needs of consumers and satisfying the psychological needs of consumers, users will be interested in the brand. After all, it is not a matter of one day or two to create a burst of money. We should know that freezing three feet is not a day’s cold.
Taking the opportunity of the implementation of the new national standard & worldwide ebike legislation, it will be a good opportunity for DYU to expand the market territory again, and we will wait and see its bright future.
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