Dolphin One Series Product Launch

On 28th September 2014, the F-wheel held a ceremonious and wonderful Dolphin one series product launch in JW Marriott hotel of international convention and exhibition, Zhengzhou City, China. The CEO of F-wheel(Mr Li)introduced Dolphin One Series and other four new series products.The most attractive point was that the newest and the core of FL5.0 application which was researched and developed by F-wheel.
Meanwhile F-wheel will share the FL5.0 application in the world,promote the development of electric unicycle industry.

The dynamic Hip-hop began new product launch.
The CEO of F-wheel gave a speech: F-wheel realized 10,0000 pieces of sales performance,saving 40 minutes per day for 10,0000 people. This is a great achievement. Everything we did that is worthwhile,meaningful. Improving people’s lives, enjoying more convenient technology, which is always the pursue of F-wheel.

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