DYU A1f Electric Bike is Launched in July 2018 – Leak: 5000 Sets were Sold to a Japan Agent Before Launching

a1f dyu electric bike

The weather and electric bike are both hot in July 2018. F-wheel & DYU team worked day and night to fulfill the order from their secret Japan agent producing 5000 sets of DYU A1f and shipping in June. Today, the DYU A1f is launched just now and the first container of the ebikes are exactly on the shelf our Japanese friend’s offline stores. It’s really legendary showing how popular the DYU smart bike series is.


DYU A1f is the greatly improved model of DYU Smart Bike A1f but more than improvement. Its performance in speed and wheel inch are both improved and DYU smart bike’s common Bluetooth errors are perfectly fixed in this model.

What’s more extraordinary is, though its performance is improved, it stills goes with most laws in American European and Asian developed countries like UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Japan, South Korea and Singapore and so on. Making sure the investment of the customers in this electric bike always counts.

DYU A1f Electric Bike

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