The DYU Bike Sales Amount Sees a New Peak at the Beginning of the New Year

The need of DYU bikes from F-wheel company soars after the traditional Chinese new year vacation. After the long Spring Festival vocation in the winter, all the staff of DYU team get back to work again now and their business is going normal like before.  Luckily, the customers will see a brand new energic and passionate team in the electric bike industry. The DYU group CEO is handling the issue of improving the product quality and innovating new generation DYU bikes.  “We are developing a new model in 2018 and new secret production technology will be applied in the new products”, says Li Wei, the CEO of DYU.

Dyu electric bike team

Part of the DYU team numbers is having the first conference in 2018 discussing the new product designing and marketing strategy in the new year.

There is also big news during the vocation. Outstanding Korea DYU agent has worked with the national superstar and displays the DYU bike by online living shows which won over  100 thousand likes, 3 thousand comments and millions of views.  It causes a great sensation and promotes the product sales greatly. No wonder the DYU factory is working day and night for over 1 week after the holiday. What’s more, the amount of the DYU bikes is still zero and out of stock, because all the products are shipped immediately to the dealers once it is produced.

which electric bike

This new stylish bike is liked by mass Korean young people led by the Korea superstar besides the young men in European countries like Germany, UK and Italy.

top electric bikes korea

The car with DYU electric bike logo on it.

The Spain young man is doing a stunt on the DYU bike. Its light weight allows the teenager flying high in the air.

The fashionable woman stands beside the DYU bike. This light and portable bike is suitable for beautiful & young girls very much.

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