The DYU bike Shows on Korean Exhibition and Glabal Source Exhibition- 전기 자전거

girl ebike dyu light weight fashionale stylish beautiful

The sensational new ebike revolution started by DYU hits the world again and again. DYU ebike shows in more and more places in the world now.

girl ebike dyu light weight fashionale stylish beautiful

전기 자전거

Recently, the stunning Global Source Hongkong Exhibition and  Korean exhibition held by F-wheel partner shine the world amazingly.

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F-wheel Korean agents show the product and win lots of inquiries and orders.

korean exhibition

Meanwhile, F-wheel DYU ebike shows on the top page of Global Source magazine.

global sources consumer electronics

“Though F-wheel paid little advertising fee to us, we still pay much attention and care to this special innovative new light weight ebike. It worths the top page position for its outstanding design and great reputation among US, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.” Global source manager says.

DYU Smart Bike D1

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