DYU D1 Brief View: Get One Before It’s Too Late – Best electric bike review

DYU D1 is one of the most honored products in FWHEEL company. Over 6000 DYU bikes were sold out in only half a month and its total selling amount reaches up to 50 million.

DYU takes the use of dolphin streamline design, 5kg ultra light weight aluminum alloy body and 60km battery life range durable battery. This outstanding design attracted dozens of businessmen, agents and distributors from Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Korea and so on once it was launched in the market.

The Dyu designer from Germany, Alan said, I researched in traditional e bike for over 5 years and found every popular product has some common features – Stylish and high performance. However, I haven’t found any at that time. So I decided to make one. Then DYU was born.

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Jason Smith, a young Walmart purchasing manager says,” I came home sweaty one day and I thought if there is a kind of tool instead of pedaling and walking and the car driving. Then I google at home and find dyu bike. I order about 100 sets for my company. Only in 1 week, they all were sold out, which is out of my expectation. I meant to buy one for myself. Now it’s sold too. But I’m happy ”
dyu bike fwheel

DYU bike is a precious cool product for young people with the vast and untapped market.

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Dyu Smart Bike D1