F-wheel DYU D1 Became Focus in Tianjin North International Exhibition

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April 4th, 2017 – The 26th China Northern International Electric Bicycle Show was held in Tianjin, and  at the first public exhibition, DYU D1 was unveiled, attracting a group of businessmen who came to visit the exhibition. At show, F-wheel reached the agreement of cooperation with the businessmen who were interested. What is more, even the fan of Taobao DYU D1 product crowdfunding users specifically came to the show only to see the figure of the DYU D1.

If you want to know how the popularity of the show is, please look at the following picture, this is the crowd of people like the sea.

People who come to visit are mostly national and global businessmen in the field of traditional bike electric bikes, and the F-wheeel subsidiary brand DYU is dedicated to the bike A1 and  D1 smart mini bike. As a new type of intelligent electric bike exhibitor, DYU attracted nearly a thousand people to inquire and experience.

After the customer finished  experiencing the DYU D1 smart bike, many of them said they wish to go home directly with the bike, it is truly e bike that all the people want to own.

DYU D1 has been raised more than four million and six hundred thousand in Taobao. There are more than two hundred and five hundred people were involved in. And the DYU D1 fever is still unabated, still continue to rise higher. People who like the DYU D1 will regret missing this crowdfunding for this is the best time to have a  DYU D1. To global dealer, early customers will also enjoy great discount.

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