Why DYU D3+ smart bike can be the best Christmas gift choice in 2020

Why DYU D3+ smart bike can be the best Christmas gift choice in 2020

Christmas is coming soon again in 2020, and are you ready for it? Preparing a good gift for your family or friend will make them happy and feel loved. So why not choose a better gift like DYU D3+ e-bike to make them even happier during the special holiday time with you. The following are the reasons why DYU D3+ can be your best gift choice in 2020.

First, DYU D3+ smart bike is small and lightweight.

When choosing a gift, small and portable gadgets would be much better than heavy and big things. Bulk gift sometimes makes the gift receiver feel uncomfortable because those things take too much place of their room and it’s really hard to carry. DYU D3+ e-bike weighs only 18kg (39lbs), even lighter than many electric scooters, the folding shape takes only 1-meter space (39 inches). This size makes it easy to put it in the car trunk and send it as a gift. Besides, it’s also very friendly and safe to old and kid, who’s not comfortable riding heavy and fast mountain bikes.

Why DYU D3+ smart bike can be the best Christmas gift choice in 2020

Second, DYU D3+ smart bike is good-looking and high-end.

It might be the first concern for many people when sending gifts to friends or customers: if the gift is good-looking and high-end. People are more easily fascinated by the good looking appearance of a product and fall in love with the cute ones. When you choose DYU D3+ e-bike, these two needs will be met exactly. DYU D3+ not only comes with a high-end metallic luster but also a streamlined and sleek bike body. Most girls and business people will be attracted by its minimalism practical design and cute look. It’s an e-bike born as a high-end Christmas gift.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D3 +

Third, DYU D3+ smart bike quality is ensured.

The e-bike frame material is made of aluminum alloy which is durable and lightweight. Meanwhile, a high-end certificated 10 Ah safe battery is inside the e-bike. Front and rear double disc brakes ensure your riding safety. And the Bluetooth APP function can the status of the bike to ensure the bike go normal all the time. Moreover, the max load of DYU D3+ is 120 kg, it easily carries most European big figure riders. Many riders from the USA have ridden their DYU D3+ since the release of the product, Tom said,” Until now, 2 years passed, nothing wrong happened yet. “

dyu smart electric bike italy

Forth, DYU D3+ smart bike is popular.

DYU D3+ comes with a stylish look and high quality and it’s approved by a large number of riders worldwide. According to our rough data. there are over 3 million DYU D3+ e-bike riders worldwide and the number is still growing. It wins the heart of customers by its reliable quality, elegant shape, and durable performance.

Fifth, DYU D3+ smart bike is cost-effective.

Folks may ask, such a good bike, wouldn’t it be very expensive? The answer is no, it’s affordable to most people, it’s below 1,000 USD. Your gift receiver won’t feel great pressure getting such a nice and caring gift. And they’ll think of you often when they ride it.

Finally, after getting it, you’ll find DYU D3+ is also a perfect choice for daily life use, not only as a gift. How about considering a new gift idea this year, DYU D3+ smart bike?

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