DYU Smart Electric Bike D5 to be launched soon – All round improved DYU new model

dyu d5

Some DYU smart bike users report that they need some premium e-bikes with advanced features. In responding that, DYU smart bike D5 is invented.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D5

Features of DYU smart bike D5:

Removable LG batteries – Replace a new battery in 1 minute after the working battery run out.

100km long endurance – No need to worry about how far you will go anymore after a full charge, this mileage satisfies most city short travel needs.

Front and rear suspension – New damping system reduces the bumpiness and provides a more pleasant riding experience.

dyu d5

48V 500W 14inch big wheel Doubled-power motor, making steep slope climbing a piece of cake.

Adjustable seat – Make it suitable for all kinds of builds.

Rear indicator lights – Make rider safer, especially at night.

Welcome to inquire for more details about the new e-bike.

DYU Smart Electric Bike D5

CORRECTION NOTICE – Euro bike DYU booth is altered, here is the new one:

EURO BIKE invitation dyu

Leave a message below to preorder samples – DYU will bring a limited number of samples to the EUROBIKE show, here is the sample product list:

dyu sample price


Latest breaking news about DYU factory capacity:

Amazing 500k e bikes/month! DYU new factory is in charge of DYU smart bike production now

DYU Smart Electric Bike V1


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